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  1. Steri-Pen for water purifying in S. America?

    Thanks for the tip Farrgo, what was it about using it that was a pain? Also, do you think the possibility of clogging the filter due to the supposed silt content is something to be concerned about?
  2. Vasque Ice 9000 liners bunching up

    I also have a pair that I've been playing with lately trying anyway possible to make them fit. I did notice the liners bunching up and had them heat molded at a ski/mountaineering shop but it didn't really fix the bunch up issue. I'm not sure if this is causing the problem I'm having with fitting the boot. I think the shell might be too small for me but was debating trying some intuition liners as a last resort to see if I could salvage the boot. I asked the guy if they could heat stretch the shells out at all but he said because it's a mix between plastic with the rubber rand that it probably wouldn't work and might cause the seams to come apart as opposed to working on a solid plastic boot. Does anyone have any thoughts on this possibility? Dane, I'm curious to know what else you didn't like about the boot. I've only heard rave reviews but would like to hear your thoughts. Also, anyone else have any suggestions for boots to pick up that are capable of (reasonably) comfortable hiking and some moderate ice climbing above 20K feet?
  3. FS: Scarpa Intuition Liners - 27.5

    What kind of size is 27.5?
  4. Boots boots How to fit...

    I originally posted this in its own forum but saw this thread so thought I'd include it in here. I purchased a great pair of Ice Vasque 9000's used from a cc.com member. Although I took a gamble not knowing the exact size, they seem to meet the fit test of the two fingers behind the heel when wearing the shell without the liner. However, when I wear the liner in they seem a little tight and even more tight with an insole/footbed. I haven't thermo molded the liners yet which I'll try first but have a question regarding the boot shell itself. A friend of mine had some ski mountaineering boots that were pretty much the same for him. He took them to Marmot Mountain Works and they "punched out" his boots and they were perfect after that. -Anyone have any experience with this and know if it's possible or a good/bad idea with mountaineering boots? -Would anyone recommend that I get a different boot liner to try to thermo-mold that might help with the problem? -Should I keep my Sol insoles or rely on a good liner thermo-mold to address support issues? I know that fit is the most important thing with a boot and will buy new boots if I have to but am trying to avoid that if possible. Thanks.
  5. Ski Jackets,Gloves,Soft shells-Patagonia and more!

    PM sent on OR Alti-gloves
  6. Expedition pack recommendation

    Hi guys, just wanted to get your thoughts on this issue. Heading to Aconcagua in December and am looking for something that will hike well with decent weight and functional without being overly complicated. Ideally I'm looking to spend under $250. These are few options that I'm looking at right and would love to get your thoughts on them but am also open to other pack suggestions. Thanks in advance for the advice. Aaron MEC Alpinist 85 - sturdy, minimalist design, cheap Osprey Aether 85 - typical Osprey quality design, simple design but from reviews sounds a little too light on nice features REI Mars 85 - cheap, comfortable, but a little heavy GoLite Odyssey - versatile, cheap, but wary of quality
  7. Hoody fans???? A sweater or a jacket?

    Would you also include the Wild Things belay jacket in this group? It got rave reviews when it first came out, but does anyone have experience with this jacket?
  8. Warmest Mitts?

    Does anyone have any experience with the Mountain Hardwear Absolute Zero mitt and how they would/have perform(ed) in various high altitude environments?
  9. Expedition pack recommendation

    Interesting concept but holy crap that's an expensive pack
  10. Expedition pack recommendation

    Hey Dane, no I'm still interested in discussing and hearing people's thoughts, I just think I need to take people's suggestions and a) identify my load and think of ways to decrease it and still be functional and b) try on packs to find one that fits me well and is comfortable with about 50 lb. I'll likely try to identify a pack that carries well with a medium load at around 4,500-5,000 cu inches but can extend to accommodate an increased load of say 5,500-6,000 for the hike down. I'm leaning towards the one of the Osprey packs but am going to hit up some shops this weekend to see other options. For this trip it's going to be mostly hiking and gear hauling with the last section being glacier travel and some moderate ice climbing (with a sized down load on summit day) on the Polish Direct route. Yes if I were going to the South Face and doing extended vertical ice/mixed climbing I would likely error on the side of less than more. As others have stated, I think it depends on the type of "climbing" you're doing.
  11. Expedition pack recommendation

    Ok, I've got some good food for thought. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.
  12. Expedition pack recommendation

    Hey guys thanks for the advice. One question in response: I agree that we'll be ferrying loads so I don't expect to be carrying all of my gear at once on the way up. But on the way down after the climb, how am I supposed to carry all the gear (plastic boots, fairly large sleeping bag, etc.) down in one push with a 50L pack. Maybe I need to work on my load plan but just doesn't seem very feasible. Monty, I'd also like to talk to you offline if you don't mind to get some more info on Aconcagua specifically. If you're willing, shoot me a PM with your contact info.
  13. Expedition pack recommendation

    Thanks for the response. I am leaning towards the Osprey Aether 85 as I have found a few places with it on sale and can get one for about $230. Just a quick question, I'm right around the size cutoff between a medium and a large (20.5" torso length w/ 33" hip measurement). I was thinking large because if I'm wearing extra clothes or gain weight in the future it would still usable do you have any thoughts based on your use and feel of the pack?
  14. I'm selling a lightly used pair of La Sportiva approach shoes (men's size 11). The 'Frixion' soles have a little bit of wear on the front portion but overall have a lot of life left on them. Very sturdy construction with solid rubberized toes and heels for extra durability. I'm in Boston currently so I'll sell for $35 plus shipping (probably around $10 to the Pac NW so somewhere around $45 total). Photos located here:
  15. La Sportiva approach shoes, size 11 - PRICE DROP

    Price dropped to $25 (+$10 shipping)
  16. Moonstone GTX Paclite jacket - SOLD!

    I'm selling a great Moonstone Gore-Tex Paclite jacket (men's Medium) because I've outgrown it. The shell has seen minimal use and is in great condition other than a little wear around the cuffs and hood. This jacket is super light-weight, very minimalist design with pit-zips, and chest pockets. I'm in Boston at the moment so I'll include shipping for $65. Pictures located here http://www.flickr.com/photos/38831945@N04/ Shoot me a PM if interested. Thanks. Aaron
  17. Moonstone GTX Paclite jacket - SOLD!

    Hey Joel, shot you a PM
  18. tons of stuff for sale...

    I received my shipment from Chris, everything arrived promptly and in great shape. Ease up a bit guys... people have busy lives and some people travel often. Maybe you already have, but I would recommend sending a PM or two first.
  19. For sale: Asolo AFS

    What US size shoe do you normally wear?
  20. BCA Avi Beacon, R1 Hoody, Arcteryx Shell & more

    PM sent on pants
  21. tons of stuff for sale...

    Email sent on BD Mako Crampons and MH Absolute Zero mitts
  22. Vasque Ice 9000 **SOLD**

    Email sent
  23. Any good ice this weekend?

    Looking to venture out this weekend but really don't have a clue where there is any decent ice withing say 5 hours of Seattle. Any suggestions? thanks
  24. Headed to Chile with a buddy mid December and was curious if anyone on here has done any climbing or knwo someone who has? Our ambition far outweighs our expertise but looking for alpine style climbing potentially on one of the volcanoes down there. Thanks
  25. Books to get you amped for climbing?

    We've all read crazy mountain survival stories but was curious what some of your guy's favorite books are that get you pumped up. I'm working through Twight's Kiss or Kill right now and although I can't say that I can relate to his level of intensity... reading about his attitude climbing and the suffering involved gets my ice ax stiff.