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  1. Stewart Peak Northeast Rib

    The bridge that crosses Jones creek on the Jones lake FSR is out. The creek is pretty wide, so crossing it might be a bit tricky, especially in the spring with snow melt. We poked around for a place to cross the creek but couldnt' find anywhere in the vicinity of the mainline.
  2. You can use the Preview application to resize photos. It's standard on all Macs.
  3. Stewart Peak Northeast Rib

    What would the best approach be for the NF of Stewart peak? Via Jones lake looks to be the most direct, but I'm not sure how far it's possible to drive once you actually get to the lake. Could be an extra few clicks.
  4. Stewart Peak Northeast Rib

    Those couloirs look awesome!
  5. Thanks for all the opinions everyone. I am still undecided as to whether I'd get enough use out of a Betalight to justify the (admitedly cheap) price tag. I am still debating between a bivy bag and a betalight weighing pros and cons of each for both summer and winter use. As far as an actual mountaineering tent goes, I have been eyeing the Big Agnes Madhouse 2, although reviews are tough to come by.
  6. Where have all the Bibs gone? :-(

    MEC has new Protex bibs out for 325 CDN. Might be worth checking out.
  7. Fair enough, this would be used above treeline more often than below so it seems my choice is pretty clear.
  8. I know a few people here use these shelters, and I'm wondering specifically how they hold up to our west coast winters. I would only be using it asa winter shelter, so bugs aren't an issue, but wind/snow shedding and condensation are. I would plan on buying the additional floor, as I don't have a bivy to keep my bag dry. This would also be my primary mountaineering shelter for volcanoes and other local stuff when weather might be an issue. Would those who use these shelters reccomend them over a traditional mountaineering tent for these applications? I'd rather carry less if I can get away with it, but I don't want to get blown off the side of a mountain either. For reference, the tents I'm considering are the TGV and Lightfield from MEC. Essentially, if you could have one winter shelter would it be a betamid/betalight or a more traditional tent? Thanks in advance!
  9. Fcknwthr!!!!

    Okay, I suppose there's an upside to it, but I prefer to pout.
  10. Fcknwthr!!!!

    I'll echo that sentiment. This does not bode well for my Ice course next weekend.
  11. I'll second the reccomendation for an Olympus Stylus Epic.
  12. If you like the Ferratas, why not get some more? I'm genuinely curious, as I'm looking at picking up a pair.
  13. That's "the watcher" you're thinking of.