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  1. This is a serious 4 Season, 2 Person mountaineering tent. It's a single wall tent of super breathable e-Vent fabric. This tent sets up fast from the inside, is built for high winds and heavy snow, and has amazing ventilation. Unique features include a full coverage insulated removable foam floor pad (available separately from Nemo) that increases warmth and comfort. Also has a hanging curtain (removable) that virtually eliminates condensation in very cold weather. The Nemo e-Vent Tenshi recently received an Editors Choice award from Climbing Magazine. This tent is BRAND NEW and has never been used or seam sealed. Retails for $675.00 Features: e-VENT fabric shell with Dimension-Polyant details DAC Featherlite internal poles and Hypalon Corner Pockets for fast setup Retractable Vestibule with Pressure Porting Optional Removable Insulated Floor with separate stuff sack Condensation Curtain for isolating frozen condensation while sleeping on cold nights YKK water-resistant zippers Rear escape door Fully taped seams Variable venting Multiple guyouts Weight: 4.9 lbs without foam floor Floor Area: 28 sq ft/ 2.6 sq m Price: $675.00 alakso@hotmail.com
  2. Does anyone know where I can find a Marmot Hooded DriClime Windshirt/jacket?
  3. Windproof Mid layers

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts and info. I now see the error of my thinking! After reading everyones posts and reading up on soft shells at Andy Kirkpatrick's psychovertical.com website I've learned quite a lot about mid layers and soft shells. As an Indian Guide here in Maine, USA I've used wool as a soft shell system because it's quiet in the woods, insulates when wet, and breathes really well. So the Paradime shift from "layering" and "Hard Shells" to "soft shell" wasn't that big. I've also learned that the Marmot DriClime windshirt is perfect as a soft shell. The only problem I've encountered is that Marmot doesn't offer the DriClime windshirt with a hood anymore, BUMMER! And IMHO for a soft shell to replace layering and hard shells 90% of the time it must have a hood. So I'm searching for a soft shell with a hood and have been considering garments with Schoeller WB-400 or DrySkin as a fabric. Beyond Fleece makes some nice garments with these fabrics that can be custom made with a hood. http://www.beyondfleece.com/customize/cold_fusion_mens_soft_shell_jacket/ http://www.beyondfleece.com/customize/cold_play_mens_soft_shell_jacket/ I've also been checking out the Paramo Fuera Smock: http://www.paramo.co.uk/UK/acatalog/FueraSmock-15-163.html I'm also checking out the Rab trail smock, the Montane Duality Smock, and some Montbell and Arcteryx soft shell stuff. For base laers I have a Patagonia Capilene Union suit which I love! But Patagonia isn't making this anymore and mine is 15 years old and showing it's age. I'm going to try a Merino wool base layer from Ice Breaker. http://www.icebreakernz.com/our-clothing/DisplayProduct.aspx?p=157&c=125 I'm also considering some Ibex or Smartwool base layer garments. For Insulation I really like Nunatak's stuff: These Jackets/Parkas and Pants/Bibs are available with the following fabrics: http://www.nunatakusa.com/Down_Jackets_Sleeping_Bags_Bibs_Fabrics.htm Nunatak Skaha Plus Hoodie sweater: http://www.nunatakusa.com/down_sweater_skaha_hoodie.html Nunatak Mountain Jacket: http://www.nunatakusa.com/Down_Jacket_Kobuk.htm Nunatak Mountain Pants: http://www.nunatakusa.com/Down_Pants_Kobuk.htm Nunatak Expedition Torre Parka: http://www.nunatakusa.com/Down_Torre_Parka.htm Nunatak Expedition Torre Bibs: http://www.nunatakusa.com/Down_Bibs_Mountain_Bibs.htm For a waterproof shell for really nasty wet weather use like in Alaska I'm leaning hard towards an eVent Parka like the Rab eVent Latok Guide Jacket. http://www.rab.uk.com/products_extreme_latokgu.html I received a MH Exposure II parka for Christmas but it's a tad heavy and doesn't fit into my clothing Paradime. I'll use it for static conditions in wet weather when weight isn't a concern, i.e. truck camping, fishing, etc..
  4. Exped Orion Extreme 4-season mountaineering 2-pers

    Seawallrunner, did this store where you saw the Exped Orion Extreme also have an Exped eVent Polaris by any chance? The reason I ask is because a friend of mine has been looking high and low for one!
  5. Windproof Mid layers

    Thanks selkirk for the info! I appreciate it very much my friend. An online Mountaineering friend of mine has also told me the same things about fleece vs. lightweight insulating Mid layer. I'll check out the info you suggested.
  6. Mountaineering boots for a newbie

    Thanks Dr_Crash for your info. Please excuse my ignorance but what is a "last" Also thanks for your thoughs on the La Sportiva and Scarpa widths. There aren't many gear shops here in my neck of the Maine woods. But I will go to the local gear shops we do have and see what they recommend. It's just nice to know if a brand runs narrow so if my local gear shops don't have many brands I won't need to drive 100-200 miles to check out a brand or model of boots that may not fit my feet.
  7. Windproof Mid layers

    I've been considering getting the MH Windstopper tech jacket and vest to use as a mid layer. But a Mountaineering friend of mine has mentioned that these pieces of gear are a tad heavy. Any recommendations on windproof mid layers for Mountaineering? One of the things I like about the above mentioned MH mid layers is the pit zips for regulating temps. during strenuous activities. I also love wool and have used wool as a mid layer (sweater) and shell (jacket and pants) when I used to hunt. I've been looking at wool as a base and mid layer for Mountaineering use. Would a windproof wool mid layer breath enough for strenuous activities like Mountaineering? Everyones thoughts are greatly appreciated! alakso
  8. Mentor wanted

    Greetings, my name is alakso, and I'm from the Penobscot Indian Nation in Maine, USA. I'm 47, a former Marine, and I love the Mountains. I'm new to Mountaineering and would like to find an experienced AK. Mountaineer for a Mentor to help me along the way with advice on Gear, places to climb in AK., and their experiences. My goal/dream is to climb Denali. I'll hopefully be moving back to AK. in the near future and my ideal Mentor would live in AK. and have climbed Denali. Woliwon (thanks in Penobscot)...alakso
  9. I know someday I'll need plastic Mountaineering boots for the big Mountains. For right now I'm looking for a great pair of leather boots to use when I won't need plastic boots. What does everyone recommend for great leather Mountaineering boots? Are leather boots with a seperate liner recommended? I take size 12 and have a D width and tend to have cold feet. I've been looking at the La Sportiva Nepal Evo GTX. Any brands/boots to stay away from due to being to narrow, not warm, or heavy-clumsy? Woliwon (thanks in Penobscot)...alakso
  10. Waterproof P&S 35mm camera for a Soldier

    Thanks dt_3pin for your info!
  11. I'm looking for a: Weatherproof 35mm point and shoot camera with a zoom lens. For a Christmas present for my son who's in the Army Infantry training to go to Iraq. He's stationed in Oahu, Hawaii and is coming home on leave for Christmas. He doesn't have a computer so I'm thinking a 35mm may fit his needs better and also take better pics. Price range is $200. I have a 35mm Pentax zoom 90WR and it takes awesome pics but is no longer made. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Nemo eVent Tenshi Tent

    Thanks for the info wazzumoutaineer. I called everywhere last Saturday trying to find an eVent Tenshi as I've heard really great things about this material and tent. But no one anywhere had one as Nemo was sold out and not making anymore in eVent. So I contacted Nemo again and they helped me find what looks like the very last eVent Tenshi tent to be found anywhere! It's on the way to Maine as I write this post. I'm interested in how other eVent Tenshi tent owners like their tent and I'll post a review of my tent after I get a chance to use it this winter. Now I just need to figure out what Sleeping bag/s to get for Mountaineering? I'm leaning hard towards the FF bag/s as I have a wide girth at 68"-70" and FF can do custom work, or possibly WM or Nunatak bag/s if they can also do wide girth custom bag/s.
  13. Nemo eVent Tenshi Tent

    Any reviews on the Nemo eVent Tenshi Tent? http://www.nemoequipment.com/products_tents_tenshi.asp
  14. Touching the Void

    A local gear shop showed the DVD "Touching the Void" last night at the local library. What a great movie! Scenery was awesome, and the story was very powerful! It's yet another example of the Indomitable Human Spirit. It also showed the importance of goal setting. In 1975 when I was at the Marine Corps Recruit depot at Parris Island, SC. I thought I'd never make it as I was the youngest kid there only 3 days past my 17th birthday. But I set goals that were sometimes as little as making it through the next minute. I succeeded and became a Marine Grunt! Never quit is my motto! This movie reminded me of the story of Jim Bridger who was mauled by a Grizzly and left to die but survived. Watching "Touching the Void" makes me want to climb even more! alakso
  15. Intro and getting started

    Greetings Nate. Thanks for your kind words my friend. We can never have enough good karma! Many blessings for you, everybody on this forum, and all Sentient Beings.