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  1. I have photos of a sled system that I can send you. I tried uploading, but I'm challenged that way. It has a bombproof enclosure & windshield. It has no seat because my two y.o. falls asleep instantly in it.
  2. during freshet or highwater otherwise, enjoy the creek x-ing on most nastiest, slime secreting log. ...before chainsaw gerry or chainsaw wulf take that fun away from you
  3. descent! el sluggo here, couldn't quite muster the speed to finish the enchainment car to car. no reference to it in your report, but i assume all the granite chock stones got yanked out of the S.NS OW?
  4. snapped a tendon "walking" to cockburn. sought out green tea frappacino....tastes as good as green tea ice cream! think i saw fern's look alike cruising infront of IGA. ran into all kinds of rif-raf, which included story time on the severed foot.
  5. Your egotism is nature's compensation for your mediocrity.
  6. your breath is so bad, it would knock the buzzards off a dung pile.
  7. allow me to submit a curse: may the fleas of a thousand camels attack your right arm pit!
  8. E, did you sublet your sensitive male avatar to some messed up persona? and, in defence of some old geezers who used to ride, they know that riding MX or dirt beats the crap out of them too much. /J.
  9. yeah, that could do the trick! s'my kind of stupidity. and if it rains on monday...which means no climbing, this is the perfect, stupid back-up plan. congrats!
  10. whenever alone, huh. hmm, the penny has dropped.
  11. i forgot one of the occasional questions: are you alone? once in a while, they should just welcome me back.
  12. an assortment of inanities i still recollect, after a day in the mountains: ostensible lone dirtbag female re-enters Canada in dirtbag truck = routinely, and systematically cross-examined. in contrast, dirtbag female in shiny new truck crosses with relative ease. during one cursory search of trunk: luwayo: do i fit the profile this month? guard: unfortunately, there is no profile. after a near round the clock attempt one february, the Cdn guards got their jollies at 02:00hrs by having me pull my old rig over...searching door panels, interior compartments, engine, etc...not to mention frisking the poor spent dirtbag herself, who was then rendered a hypothermic mass when stripped from superpuffy. <sniff> those heartless brutes! guard: do you have any large sums of cash? luwayo: no. guard: do you know what is a large sum of cash? luwayo: the post climb lactic acid stagger does not help your cause. strategically stacked unwashed polypro will. guard: where are you going? luwayo: to snowshoe (oversimplifying often helps). guard: where is Snowshoe? luwayo:
  13. it fits me well too. and i also don't mind rapping off in the manner you described. for belaying off the fig.8 i finally resorted to cliping the belay biner to one of the tie in points with a nano, so that i wouldn't keep dropping it after untying - fussy & requires extra gear. i'm glad i've taken the time to test discover the idiosyncracies of this harness.
  14. 1. a) a banana slurpee will make me sick. b) yellow peppers are great on hot cragging days. c) so is quiche. 2. murin park is a zoo in summertime, even mid-day friday. 3. hot temperatures make termperaments flare. 4. Mountain WOman's poutine rocks but her counterpart to the north is rather pissy with customers - on the soup nazi level. 5. a) Britannia Beach gets a good breeze off the water. b) them train tracks squeal bad. c) there is a bad sewage smell in the area when it's hot. d) Britannia Beach lots are up for resale. 6. a) Garibaldi Park Drive is a raceway for gravel trucks. b) they find glee in coating mtnb riders in dust. 7. my No.5 BD is more useful than i thought. 8. i have more energy when i'm not mountaineering.
  15. gary, i've used mine 5x since tuesday last. i'm not sure that i like it at all. i know that i don't like the: sideways biner & cross loading on belay; difficulty in unclpping from belay biner when hanging at stations; and when i gave up on that, and decided to belay off my figure 8 tie-in, i promptly forgot that my belay biner was clipped to it. so each time I untied on scrambling pitches i dropped my device several times...something i've never done before. can someone 'splain to me how to use this better. or do i get nothing and like it.
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