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  1. Left nice cordelette and two beautiful locking biners on summit wall of Mount Erie last week. Although I was a fool I'd love them back... Eric 360 770-8103
  2. You da'man. Keep sending those pics of god's country...
  3. Lost Black Diamond Raven while descending low on Easton/Squak in early June. Eric (360) 770-8103
  4. Looks sketchy to me. Is that a fracture line I see on the right ridgeline? I think you guys oughta be more careful next time!
  5. Sounds like leg-shaking terror. Clearly true Grade V requires strength and endurance, nerves of steel, finely honed skills and the ability to smell danger and dance with disaster while moving quickly and safely. I would have bailed. There may be more Grade V available in Darrington, Concrete and South Seattle?
  6. You're nuts, but I like your pictures. Did ya' smell any roses on the way?
  7. I am becoming addicted to your regular jaunts through the Sierras and posting of such beautiful pics. Thanks for taking me back.
  8. Leor, Keep the great pics coming. Perhaps if you started getting regular exercise your legs could carry you even further and you could send even more great pics of the High Sierra motherland?
  9. Probably too snowy up high but you could have fun driving to the end of the road at Artist Point, playing in the snow and going for a short walk. Your best bet is to get bagel sandwiches at Grahams down the road 2 or 3 miles in Glacier. You could also check out the visitor center just shy of Artist Point if it's open and hike around Bagly Lakes which may be snow-free (just watch out for the kraken!) Later in the year a hike around Table Mtn and camping in the Chain Lakes area is great kid fun.
  10. Keep sending the great pics of CA. It provides some hope for those of us huddling under dark, grey, wet skies.
  11. Thanks for posting those pics, I miss that country terribly. Brings back memories of terrifying lightning, a fun jaunt up North Peak Couloir, a relaxing fat splief and an unexpected navy helicopter popping over the ridge...
  12. For that REI tent I could pack 3 of my 6 Moon Designs. Or even better, 1 Six Moon Designs and 4 pints of margarita mixin's. As I age though I am just taking the light tent and letting my pack get lighter and lighter...
  13. skitchmo


    I completely agree. Finding rusty old pins brings to mind romantic pictures of hobnails, knickers and dulfersitz rappels. Leave 'em for the rest of us to chuckle at and move on. I'm also OK with clipping and leaving the occasional recent pin. I don't buy the whiny, liberal, mamby pamby BS that fixed pins are so bad. If a fixed pin ruins your day then you have too much time to waste thinking about little things.
  14. I have the larger Alpha and like it for what it is. A great car camping tent, in "light weight" mode to pack my entire family (4 of us) into for back packing in bad weather or bad mosquitos, or if I every need a strong tent on a mountain. I just did Baker two weeks ago and took my 2 lb Six Moon Designs ultra light. The other two guys were looking for some shade and my partner and I were relaxing in the evening shade of our tent while sipping our margaritas. I find I almost always grab that dinky little 2 pounder.
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