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  1. A similar thing happened to me in the same spot circa 2012. I rapped off the top of BOC on a unfamiliar rope that, unbeknownst to me, had been trimmed. I rapped down to within the width of my palm between my device and the ends, which didn't have knots. I was able to swing over to the sloping ledge and reach the intermediate chains just below Roger's corner proper. Phew. I reconsidered having faith in a higher power after that (to no avail). I broke my foot that same year on a short ground fall near the bottom of City Park. I was testing my solo rig on top of the little pedestal, when the shitty cam I was leaning back on blew out. I stumbled off backward and landed like a ballerina, toes point down. I realize now that I was probably rationalizing, "I'm not even climbing yet. I don't need to pay that much attention." Stupid.
  2. I saw you two getting started as I was skinning up to the pass. Nice route.
  3. Gold mine for a home wall crashpad. I looked for a deal like this forever a while back. I don't need it now. Thought I'd pass it on. Not my listing. http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/zip/5823572254.html
  4. I agree with Alex. I climbed for a few years in the Cascades and tried to mitigate avalanche risk by self-teaching, book learning, consulting NWAC, etc. Then, I started skiing more than climbing and decided to enroll in an AIARE level 1 course. It has been an eye opener, especially when it comes to decisions about micro-terrain features, group think, and how rapidly things can change out there. I realize now that in the past I just got lucky and "got away with one" or maybe even two or three... Be safe not sorry. A course may seem expensive and unnecessary, but it's not when you consider the consequences. It's not only your life that you need to think about but also that of your partners and other people that may be recreating nearby.
  5. Other good resources for trip reports to common hiking destinations like Franklin falls are NWHikers.net and the WHC FB group. These groups are very active and post a lot of pictures.
  6. I looked at this from afar whilst hiking up Snoqualmie with my dog on Saturday and thought, "Hmmmm, I wonder if that would go?" ... I guess so. Good on you, nice work my friend.
  7. How is this a TR of Ingalls Peak ER? Shouldn't this be in Lost and Found?
  8. Awesome. Thanks! Edit: The hanger looks good. Can't assess the bolt
  9. Any word on the cleaning of this route? Were the belay bolts updated?
  10. http://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/spo/5148553727.html Not my listing
  11. I got curious and did some googling of my own. I found this critter http://www.petzl.com/en/Sport/Packs-and-accessories/REGLETTE?l=INT#.VXdDUlzBzRY I never used one, but this guy at least took a picture of a batshitty placement and has some credentials that suggest he might have stepped onto it. http://andy-kirkpatrick.com/blog/view/bat_hooks
  12. Good trip John. FYI to future TC suiters this year, I thought the ice step between the 2nd and 3rd was the thinnest.
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