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  1. Job Search Tactics

    I'm currently job hunting. I get back letters that say. "We have found other candidates that are more qualified." when I felt I was over-qualified. I have a BS and tons of experience, are people with Master's applying to the same job as me? Just had an interview today and was asked back for a second interview. They stated that they will be interviewing all week for one position. Doesn't get my hopes up, that's for sure. Well good luck.
  2. he's back!

    Just curious, Did g-spotter give Pink his icon? Anyway, I like it. Wait, now I get it, your the same person. Oh yeah, PYT is hands down the best song on Thriller. Stewart
  3. Beacon Rock/PDX area this Sunday (1/28)?

    I like Pink's new image.
  4. Beacon Rock/PDX area this Sunday (1/28)?

    sorry no more hand cracks. opal? never heard of it C'mon, what about a finger-crack, off-fingers, seam, off-width, chimney, a face, anything? You know what I like. 100ft of (5.9) fingers. Save it!! I'll a buy you a beer, no no a 6-pack of Hamms. What about a 12-pack, huh? snoop
  5. Beacon Rock/PDX area this Sunday (1/28)?

    He actually caught me on a 15 foot fall last spring and the duct tape held, thank god. Yeah its still good. when he ties in he almost makes another harness with the rope. stewart PS. were was pink_chalk this weekend?
  6. Beacon Rock/PDX area this Sunday (1/28)?

    I believe that was the weekend before last, and you had better save me a hand crack or two, or else I'll just have to keep repeating yours. were you at the Opal? Yes I am a punk, got a job interview today so wish me luck, then I can travel as much as my bank account allows me too. Beacon is closing feb 1st and I had to get one more lap in before the birds start to nest "ON THE EAST FACE!!!" Just venting, but It was cool coming over the lip on P1 of the corner and seeing a fresh duck head with the spinal cord hanging out of it. As much as Jim wants to see those birds go away, I love 'em. snoop
  7. Beacon Rock/PDX area this Sunday (1/28)?

    What if we just buy it and then give it to him? I think Yates has a comfy aid harness.
  8. Beacon Rock/PDX area this Sunday (1/28)?

    Last Saterday was windy as hell. I climbed Little Wing and my whole body was swaying with the wind. Thought I was coming off for sure. Then at the belay I set my pack down and It blew right off the Rock down to the ground. We did the corner pitch and then bailed off the tree againts my wishes, but Jim was wanting to get down. Bailing off the tree is some of the scariest shit I've ever done. While I was sitting on the roots of the tree, I actually felt the ground below me lift off of the rock. Fastest rappel I've ever done. Jim liked the jacket you gave him Joseph. Now if we can all pitch in and get him a new harness and then convince him to accept it that would be great for his belay partner. He actually caught me on a 15 foot fall last spring and the duct tape held, thank god. Stewart
  9. Third Strike

    I want to be good. What year of 4-runner are you talking about? The newer one's are not nearly as cool as the one's from the mid 80's. I would never question our government. I'm sure they know what their doing. I just want to party with Fairweather for one night. That's all I need. But not until after my wiz-quiz so we can do it proper. I've learned alot and from now on I will be a God-Fearing individual.
  10. Pitons

    Jens, I wouldn't say placing a pin is an art for the newbie. Original pins from the FA should be left for historical value and yes they are garbage, much like bolts. Never understand how at a place like Smith Rock State Park you will see a sign that says "Pack it in, Pack it out" and then a bunch of climbers pack it in and leave it. Bullshit. And yet I clip. Pins should not be placed were gear can go. And yet I clip those as well.
  11. Jen, didn't think you were into the safety meetings. also, I could be wrong but if 3 people are simo climbing and the 3rd falls, I think they pull everyone off. Unless the 1st is anchored or the 2nd has good footing and can hold you. I could be wrong. Guess we won't know till we try. Stewart (aka snoop in small circles) PS snoop might be on vacation right now with the wiz quiz coming up.
  12. U.S. signals Gulf allies 2007 attack on Iran...

    b)....puts a much........fucker? tvashtarkatena! Might want to be careful with your comments. Big Brother could be watching. I had heard that 60% of Iran's population is 35yrs or younger and want to live a mainstream style life. They do not approve of there government. But a US invasion may change that
  13. yo walla walla, what is that (509). Do you really climb in the rain? That's just crazy. Stewart
  14. Some of my best lead's I have been hung over. In fact most all of my leads are when I'm hung over. Jen, I've seen you lead 5.11 sport climbs, your ready for a crumbly 5.7 crux with a shaky nut as your protection. Trad is not as heady as you might think cuz you place the gear, never know what kind of space cadet put the bolt in. I'm going to try to get out there one day this weekend. Call some of you if I'm gonna make it. Can't really join in on the safety meeting cuz of a potential wiz quiz coming up. stewart
  15. The Optimists?

    I agree, renaming is lame. Sharma and Sonnie Trotter bolted an aid line in Squamish called Dreamcatcher. I believe the article I read called it "just an old aid line" However, it is now the hardest route in squamish and I don't think Sharma own's a rack, so he had to use bolts. right? I mean he could have tried the 5.14 dyno's on pitons.
  16. Which first???

    hillary was in fact taking the info that she was given. WMD's, etc. The White house gave the Senators bullshit "facts." As well as Democrat's did not want to appear soft about war in a post 9/11 climate. As for McCain I can't believe he is supporting anything that Bush has done after Bush smeared him in the '00 Republican Convention, saying he had an child with a "black" women. God forbid! Check this out, its hilarious. http://jack-orin.blogspot.com/2007/01/george-w-rap.html
  17. Which first???

    when I asked my mom why she was voting for Bush the second time around she said "He will protect me and he believe's in God!, did you hear about what Kerry did in Vietnam?" That was the end of the conversation for me.
  18. Which first???

    Archenemy, have you ever visited a die hard blue state? Its backwards. I believe most of the countries you listed have multiple political parties. Could be wrong. I like Australia's voting system the best. You list each candidate in order of favorite to least favorite and then each canidate gets a percentage of your vote. So if you vote for someone in the green party who has no chance of winning you can list the democrate number two and your vote still counts. Brilliant!!!
  19. Which first???

    Ahh Kevbone, I'm guessing this is your first topic of the week. "sounds like someone has a case of the Monday's" I'm Betting that you post at least 10 topics this week. Any takers. The US is unfortunantly not ready for a black man or a woman. The US is ready for a Democrate, but it looks like there not going to get it. The best chance either of them have is to run together. However, my Dad a conservative Republican said he would vote for Hillary. Go figure.
  20. Snow Conditions - TehSuck

    "Fluffy Snow" Is that code for what I think it is your pimp, snoop
  21. Guide books

    I hate that I love guidebooks. I've got like 10. Funny they never make it to the rock. I just look at them at home. I'm upset that my classic "Climbing Guide to Oregon" is falling apart. Kevin, when can I have a copy of your guide/list? I've been waiting and nothing is in my inbox. I figure I can reach you here easier than through personal email. Speaking of guidebooks with interesting star ratings, when is "PDX Rock Climbing 3.0" coming out? If you ever need a guide at Beacon just yell up the rock "Opdyke!!!!!" He'll be there to answer all your question. Your Pimp, snoop

    This place I was talking about has no guide and because some of it is bolted, and gaining popularity with sporto’s. Complaints have come in saying “I got up towards the top and there was not bolts”. I let that person know there is great gear in front of you. He reply was “I see that. But could not see it from the ground” and because of no guide, how would he know. This person ended up running it out and freaking themselves out pretty good. Of course no bolts will ever go in on that route. That would be blatantly bolting a crack, which is obvious as you climb it. Each climbing move that you make is directly related to the risk that you are willing to take. Your "example climber" was faced with a decision to climb above his gear and take a risk, or down climb. I'm sure the surge of adrenaline felt good (aka "freaking him out"). Sporto's get so comfortable cliping bolts that the actual risk of rock climbing is taken away. They are in fact just getting a work out. If you are going to a new place or a place without a guide I would suggest you bring a light rack up every climb. I personally carry a full rack anywhere I go. Stewart
  23. Climb Max relocated

    Looks like the OMC may want to consider their crappy climbing dept. Don't hate the playa hate tha game.
  24. rock climbing oregon guidebook

    Yo hemp, where can I go to check it out? Is it in any shops yet? I'll smoke ya till I'm silly!!! snoop