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  1. FS: BD Wired stoppers - NEW - szs #4 - #13

    Bump. It's sunny today... I want to climb...
  2. Howdy, I am selling a brand new, never used set of Black Diamond Wired Stoppers, sizes 4-13, plus a spare wiregate biner to hold them. 11 pieces total. I am limited to couch bouldering for a while because of a broken ankle, so I need to find a good home for some good protection. Retails for $90 + tax, selling for $60... PM if interested or email me: k2glfpro@hotmail.com. Thanks! -Will
  3. Greatest rock band ever

    What about Supersuckers? Or Fanny Alger?? No respect...
  4. Money Scam... this one is actually kinda funny!

    So have you sent your promissory note yet? You better get on it... I assume it was addressed to you
  5. Hmmm

    Maybe we can use it to start another war...
  6. El Cap Slideshow

    OK, SUPPOSEDLY what is it? Just a huge bear?
  7. El Cap Slideshow

    Who is Bear 46?
  8. Falling

    Can't believe my chair tipped over that easy...
  9. Redmond VW tonight

    Why not the wall at Marymoor Park??
  10. Beer...........

    Anybody ever played Edward 40-Hands? Brutal... Anyway, my vote is for Dick Danger or Black Butte Porter.
  11. age question.

    I am climbing this coming year... I will be 26
  12. Second Accent rocks!!

    Where is it located? Never been there, wanna check it out.
  13. Religious jokes

    Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean nobody is out to get you! Make that two posts. :-)
  14. Religious jokes

    I know there's a god because SOMEBODY'S out to get me!