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  1. [TR] Mount Stuart - SGC 5/29/2007

    That rock picture looks totally rad.
  2. [TR] Dragontail - Triple Couloir 4/19/2007

    I went up to the SGC with Pochi and met up with Brian M and Matt. We waited out in the tent all sunday and monday it was bluebird, but there was ~4 ft of sugar snow and we stopped at the base of the couloir after a couple hours of wallowing. We went pretty heavy, intending to wait out the storm sunday. The NE face of stuart looks awesome right now!
  3. sierra, yosemite...

    I have a bunch of time off now, and a lot of great ideas for climbs, from alpine to aid routes. PM me if you're lookin to get out! BEn
  4. zion wall

    pm sent
  5. Heh I remember that cornice, going left in that picture was not a good choice.
  6. looking for Whidbey (Gordon)

    Hi folks, we arranged a deal, I sent him some money a week ago and haven't heard from him since. Did something happen to him, did he go on a trip? I stupidly didn't check to see if I have his phone number or even last name, I don't. So if anyone knows this information I would appreciate if you could contact me. Otherwise I'll wait another week or so and then report it on paypal, which I'd rather not have to do. If you want proof before you give me his info I can provide it. Thanks. Ben
  7. Spendy cams

    I bought some climbax cams, pretty cheap, from pagan gear and on the third use I snapped a trigger wire french freeing, pretty sure that AINT supposed to happen. Also the climbax cams rusted up on my within a year of minimal to normal use, while my old #1 camalot is going stronger than ever and is so much easier to place. The climbax cams have this weird twisting action when you try to place them. Overall even being the big ass cheapo that I am, I wouldnt buy them again.
  8. WTB: aid gear

    bump, still looking for a hammer & small cams.
  9. Older Climbing Gear

    your attachment doesnt work for me.
  10. WTB: aid gear

    ascenders, aiders, pins, hammer, seat harness, wall bags, bolt kit, ya know, all that stuff I cant afford to buy brand new. I'm in California, but I'll pay shipping.
  11. yosemite big wall partner

    Hey folks, been browsing this board for a year or 2 and getting comfortable on alpine in the cascades, then I got this summer internship in cali, 3 hrs from the valley! So I'm stoked to get into big wall climbing and wondering if anyone on this board would be interested in joining up. I'm teaching myself and happy to climb with someone who's also new and has ambition.
  12. [TR] Eldorado- West Arete 6/25/2006

    Right on Mike and Jason, you guys make a wicked alpine team and sounds like a classic adventure with plenty of unknown but a pretty good outcome. Those are my favorite. Ben
  13. I just moved to Livermore, hoping to do some routes in Yosemite and more routes outside the park, such as in the Palisades, Mt Whitney, around kings canyon, etc. Anyone else going to be in Cali for the summer?
  14. Anyone heading down to rainier this week and want to split gas?
  15. bugaboos 13->21st

    Planning a trip to ski in a ways and climb something in the grade II-III and up to 5.9 range. Never been up there so kind of an exploratory trip. Still looking for a partner. Have rack, car, experience.