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  1. FS-LaSportiva Spantik 45

    broken in at home & used only on ascent day from my Aconcagua expedition, in exellent condition, just don't need them no more. Size 45. Asking $500
  2. kayland M11s

    I'm the guy who sold them to NOLSe, I only used them for Ice Climbing & Mountaineering...I found them light, rigid, & comfy for Waterfall ice or mix. For Moutaineering, I found them quite stiff...I prefer an all Mountain boot like the MultiTractions but this all depends what you specializes in...
  3. Please *DELETED*

    Post deleted by Airborn_69
  4. Mid sized pack recommendations

    Can't go wrong with Osprey packs man!
  5. Arc'teryx Jkt

    Post deleted by Airborn_69
  6. Flaws on the BLACK DIAMOND SHADOW 45

    If you want that extra room option if ever??? Get the 55...no problems what so ever with the fabric & It had its share of abuse.
  7. Flaws on the BLACK DIAMOND SHADOW 45

    I did even more than that with the 45...
  8. FS - Alpinist Magazine

    Airborn prefers Rock & Ice..
  9. Had 2 flaws on mine 1) One of the fastex fasteners on the 2 main compression straps let's go with very little pull. 2) Sternum strap also let go with moderate pull. Overall a very light & good pack but was quite pissed when I was stuck in the mountains with these irrepairable flaws. I am very pleased with their products sor far, but this one was not expected.
  10. Getting a proper sleeping bag

    If you prespire a lot or wet weather conditions, get a synthetic with a good bivy bag...Cannot go wrong with this & I have tried this system in the army & on my climbs & it is bombproof....Down is warmer yes! But for maybe a day or so after it is dampened even with a bivy. Go Synthetic!
  11. bivy sacks?

  12. ''SOLD'' M11

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