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  1. Need to climb: it's to the far skier's right at Alpental, maybe 10 min walk from the parking lot. Anyone seen the conditions this year?
  2. Does anyone know what the local conditions in Leavenworth are like?
  3. you can make a little biner loop on your belay loop out of tape. it's not load bearing; it just prevents the biner from rotating in the belay loop. easy to do with some tape or a rubber band
  4. I left a garden gnome, black t shirt, and red water bladder at Exit 32 on Saturday at the area just up the trail from the burnt out tree near Sweet and Sticky...if you found it please let me know!
  5. Yeah I guess that means the ice is probably gone at Snoq. pass then eh
  6. Judging by the temps in North Bend on Monday, I'm guessing most of the stuff at Snoqualmie Pass has deteriorated?
  7. I bought 6 Firewire quickdraws from EMS thinking they were something different (Neutrino draws). I know I can return them and get my money back but then EMS would destroy them and I would have to pay return shipping. So for $86 you can have em; this is about 20% off retail ($117 or so including tax). They are two Hotwire wiregates connected with a spectra dogbone.
  8. well the McNetts stuff is also pricey but not ask pricey as Techwash
  9. well given that I have a grand total of 3 trad leads under my belt all under 5.7...probably 5.7 or easier. though I wouldn't mind aid practice on steeper stuff
  10. hmm I just noticed that the Red Rocks Rendezvous is the last weekend of March...does this mean camping will be a clusterfuck?
  11. Some friends and I want to get out climbing over spring break. I'm still a sport climbing gumby though I just bought a rack (and conveniently tore a pulley two weeks after I bought it). I've been to North Bend, Vantage, Squamish, Leavenworth, City of Rocks, Shelf Road, and Boulder Canyon, and I've liked every place except Boulder. My friends are pretty damn new to climbing, they've led a few routes here or there but for the most part they just started in the gym 6 months to a year ago. Do you guys have any recommendations for a 5-7 day trip where there's sport climbing between 5.8-5.12, easy cracks for a trad newb, and maybe even some multi-pitch sport climbing? We'd be driving from Seattle... Off the top of my head I can think of Red Rocks and maybe City of Rocks again but I don't know how cold it will be.
  12. woah RR looks like a really good winter destination
  13. I'll take 6 of the straight/blue-gate Spirit biners and 6 of the Neutrinos. if you could send an email to cheunga AT u.washington.edu that would be great (or just a PM works too).
  14. Preferably new(ish) if it's the foam type, used is fine for the plastic shell (e.g. Ecrin Roc) type. Willing to pay $40.
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