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  1. Smith 1-4 July

    Would it help if I said I am safe, friendly, and will buy you a beer?
  2. I will be there 1-4 July and looking to do mix of sport and trad and have all my own gear. Looking to do 10-11s. I am experience, safe, and friendly. I am not big on off widths. Climbing off widths is evil and the devil's play. I will be coming from WA. Will contact you on your phone.
  3. Smith 1-4 July

    I am looking for people to climb sport and trad (10-11's) on 1-4 July at Smith. I have all my own gear. PM or leave message if interested. Thanks!--Tim
  4. My buddy and I are heading to Vantage or Leavenworth this weekend. Always looking to expand our climbing circle and share beer around the camp fire. Send me a message if you or your group are heading out there this weekend.
  5. Will be at RR for a conference and looking for a partner for a few days. Trad and Sport (10-11s). Tim
  6. Vantage this weekend?

    can you go or Sunday and Monday? Where you are you at? Please e-mail me k2tbui@gmail.com Thanks!
  7. Anyone for Vantage this weekend? Weather is going to be great! Coming from Olympia and have own gear. Please leave a message or PM. Thanks! Tim
  8. anyone for vantage this weekend? I am coming from olympia and have my own gear. k2tbui@gmail.com Tim
  9. Good backpacking spot

    Need some advice. I am trying to introduce my wife and daughter into backpacking. Looking for a mellow 2-3 day trip with lakes that is good late August. No more than 4-5 miles per day. Thanks, Tim
  10. Looking for partner for Vantage, Smith, or Tietons for that weekend. Maybe interested in a mellow mountain route on Baker or Hood. I am experienced, safe, and laid back. Climb 10-11's. Its the fun not the numbers. PM or leave message if interested. Thanks! Tim
  11. Climbing partner wanted

    Brian, I am looking for someone to go to Vantage or maybe Tietons May 27-30 weekend. Looks like we climb about the same level. email me if you are interested. k2tbui@gmail.com
  12. Looking for a partner for Smith during the 20-23rd of this month. Will be driving from Olympia WA and can carpool. E-mail at k2tbui@gmail.com if interested. Thanks
  13. I am new in town and looking for regular partners to climb in the gym 1-2x per week and outside on weekends. Trad and sport. 10's but fun at any level. Have all my own gear and experience. E-mail me if interested k2tbui@gmail.com Tim
  14. I may be interested in index this weekend. Send me an e-mail at k2tbui@gmail.com tim
  15. Looking for someone to climb at 38 with on sunday for the morning. I am trying to shake the cobwebs out and planning a mellow morning. e-mail if me you are interested. k2tbui@gmail.com thanks! Tim