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  1. Silveretta bindings, destroyed feet- solutions?

    I don't have a solution but wanted to say that the same thing happened to me. I went from never having used the gear before, to skiing about 14 miles in two days. I got the blisters and worse, hurt my achilles badly enough that I had to bow out of a trip to Alaska when I hadn't recovered a month later. Maybe easing into using the boots/bindings/skis would help. But I also think the skiing just exacerbates any flaw in the way your boots fit. I'll be reading this thread if anyone has any suggestions.
  2. [TR] Mt Stuart - Direct North Ridge 7/26/2014

    sprayyyyyyyy For me, climbing a couple thousand feet of easy stuff and skipping the 2 good pitches would feel that way. No accounting for personal taste...
  3. Leavenworth 5/3

    Looking for a partner to climb in Leavenworth on Saturday 5/3, maybe some cragging at Careno or something like that. Eric 206-849-1223
  4. I'm looking to buy some Silvretta Bindings, compatible with mountaineering boots, ideally with short approach skis attached. Also interested in skins. -Eric
  5. [TR] The Tooth - Northeast Slab 3/15/2014

  6. Thule ski and bike rack with fairing

    Thule roof rack with attachments for skis and mountain bike, plus fairing. This is in good shape, hasn't seen a lot of use. It fits a 2002 Subaru Impreza. From looking at Thule's website I believe this will fit any car that does not have rain gutters. $225 OBO. Email or call Eric, 206-849-1223
  7. Thule ski and bike rack with fairing

    Bump, price drop. Someone buy this.
  8. Thule ski and bike rack with fairing

    It attaches via a clamp, the foot has a rubber base, and a little clamp hooks on the edge of the car's roof, and locks. I believe this fits any car without a raingutter.
  9. BD Alias with Avalung

    Used on under 10 tours, in good shape. $100
  10. BD Alias with Avalung

    Bump! Am I missing something? This is a good deal.
  11. Selling a full randonnee/alpine touring ski setup. Great for ski mountaineering, I climbed Stuart Glacier Couloir and skied the Sherpa Glacier with these. $550 181 K2 Shuksan skis Dynafit TLT bindings Black Diamond climbing skins (purple, no tail clip) Garmont Mega-Lite boots size mondo 28 (US size 10) If you want me to part it out, make me an offer. Email or call Eric, 206-849-1223
  12. Full AT ski setup- Shuksans, Dynafits, Mega-Lites

    Skis, bindings, skins sold. Boots still for sale, $200 OBO.
  13. BD Alias with Avalung

    I still have this, surprisingly. This is a great deal!
  14. Full AT ski setup- Shuksans, Dynafits, Mega-Lites

    Really weird, Spark is not me. The price is now $550 for everything.
  15. Bivy sacks, pads, bindings

    SOLD BD Lightsabre bivy: $50 BD Winter Bivy: $30. Great shape. SOLD Black Diamond Beta Light: $80. SOLD Thermarest NeoAir: $40 Hardman pad: Free with any other purchase. Scott Ninja Poles, 48": $10. Look Pivot demo bindings (12 DIN): $50. Brakes are kinda skinny, look like they'll clear 80 mm but could be tweaked out easily.
  16. Alpine and tele skis, tele boots

    Watea 94, Kilowatts w/ O1s, Syner-Gs Fischer Watea 94, 178: $300 Mounted with Salomon STH 12 bindings, on the line for a 316 BSL. These are the only holes in the ski. Skis are in good shape everywhere, one deep base gouge that was repaired well. Black Diamond Kilowatts, 175: $300 Mounted with BD O1 bindings. Skis are in good shape, there is one big topsheet chip where you can see some fiberglass, could be patched up with some epoxy. Price includes ski crampons, which are the 100mm wide model. Garmont Syner-G tele boots, size 27.5: $200 Stock liners, molded once.
  17. Alpine and tele skis, tele boots

    I still have the Wateas for sale, make me an offer.
  18. You're worried that skiing is having a negative impact on your hill climbing workouts?? You've got your priorities backwards. Your workouts are to make it easier to go have fun! If you are a beginning or not very good skier, yes, I think your quads and other big leg muscles will be getting worn out skiing. This will lessen as your skill improves. Technique makes a huge difference. When I want to train for skiing, I do stairs and lunges. This helps with skiing generally, backcountry skiing more so.
  19. Speed records in Washington

    L to the O to the L.
  20. ride share from Seattle to Yosemite

    Heading down to the Valley tomorrow morning, Friday 6/21. Planning to arrive on Saturday evening. I have room for 3 more in my truck, let me know if you want to ride and split gas.
  21. [TR] Yosemite El Cap - The Nose in a Push 6/17/2013

    Way to go!
  22. [TR] Mt. Shuksan - Fisher Chimneys 6/1/2013

    Hopefully Sol's beta is gold but even if it's not, don't be afraid of the bushwhack. Take some gardening gloves.
  23. Has anyone actually rapped with a dulfersitz?

    The top part is obvious, it's at the bottom you have a chance to screw up and end up slightly cliffed out. Thank you for your concern.
  24. Has anyone actually rapped with a dulfersitz?

    Yeah, I've done it for a couple of short raps. One time when I screwed up the descent from Outer Space. It actually hurts your neck more than your groin. It's not that hard to keep it together for a short period but I wouldn't want to do anything more than vertical, or longer than about 50'.
  25. AT Boots for Wide Feet

    The BD Quadrant comes to mind.