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  1. Route Photos and more summits

    Right on Mike..! LOL
  2. What qualifies as a 'summit?'

  3. What qualifies as a 'summit?'

  4. What qualifies as a 'summit?'

    Exactly....My friend....Anonymous or not, I dip in the Shit, and I know that others are reading, and wondering if they are counting their shit as real. This aint about Rainier, its about Summits, and the claims. I've done the Mckinley run 5 times, Summited twice, from the air strip, and summited a 3rd time from 19k, the same week........, does that count?.......NO!! But if I were to say, I summited 3 times, then it would be a LIE. Its not about logic, or pride, or proof, but the words people believe man. I agree whole heartedly with what you say, but you must admit,....the public believes in something that isnt what they read, or see in a book, or magazine. To put it in plainly, and in a rather off the wall sense.....Would you say you slept with the same person twice if you pulled out in the middle of your grove and then went in again????? NOT.....so think about it, its the same concept.
  5. What qualifies as a 'summit?'

    We are waiting Mike......
  6. What qualifies as a 'summit?'

    I just PM'd Mike to drive an honest answer outta him regarding the whole summit issue. Here is what I said in my PM... "There is a wonderful question, and this isnt hate mail, far from it, but YOU ARE BEING CALLED OUT on this subject and you HAVE TO RESPOND....Its over in SPRAY regarding summits........ My quote was....."Damn Skippy on this question.........I think this post should be here for a while... Well, I dont agree with the whole 100 ft down and up thing, but there is a real grey area with regards to going up from Muir, Sherman, or Ing Flats over and over again, and counting it as a "SUMMIT"....Wouldnt you agree Mr Gauthier?????????".....There you go my work partner"..... Answer back to the public, and dont throw at them what they wanna hear.....now.....the truth, and WE WILL DECIDE WHAT A REAL SUMMIT IS SINCE YOU HAVE "SUMMITED" OVER 200 TIMES, AND DONT GIVE US THAT "HIGH CAMP" CRAP EITHER.
  7. What qualifies as a 'summit?'

    Damn Skippy on this question.........I think this post should be here for a while... Well, I dont agree with the whole 100 ft down and up thing, but there is a real grey area with regards to going up from Muir, Sherman, or Ing Flats over and over again, and counting it as a "SUMMIT"....Wouldnt you agree Mr Gauthier????????? ETHICS..................................OR "ethics"...?
  8. Silveretta 404 Randonee skis

    SOLD....I'll PM you my friend....!!!!!!!!!! I want those skiis.
  9. Kautz Glacier Clinic!!!!

    I'll just walk over and meet ya @ 8:00 then TJ, get a formal intro going, and talk shop about what we will do and all that.....I need coffee right now.
  10. Raineer next weekend?... 17-19th

    You are taking this way too far my friend....And too uptite about the Climbing ranger status.....Can you admit to all here why? And then I will tell which one I am. Notice, location doesnt mean you live there..................Ponder on that for just a minute. In addition, you are making a spectacle of yourself right now as we speak, and we here in the park are taking bets on you.....Keep going......Push the envelope a little more, but in the end, its not who has the last laugh, but who laughed the hardest. By they way.........Your left boot lace is loose.
  11. Need a Third -- Any Glaciated Peak -- July 21-24

    I happen to be toying with a Hood trip idea, and have a lifetime of experience to shae with anyone in small doses. Lets do, or plan for Hood, and see what happens?
  12. [TR] Mt Rainier- Emmons glacier 6/15/2005

    Good TR, thanks....
  13. Raineer next weekend?... 17-19th

    And in terms of the the whole pep rally folks, I was just havin fun...whats wrong with that, Im sure we all know our stuff, I just happen to know what I know cause I use it every day. Just because I do something for a livng doesnt mean I cant have fun, or wild out, or try to be much different from the ones here on the hill, and try different crowd, and not stik to the "In Crowd"....The hell with them....They think they are gods, Im not, but I sure can try.
  14. Raineer next weekend?... 17-19th

    Actually, Mike didnt have many impressive thoughts to share on Andy....Soggyendo34. I guess the politics as I know now arent different anywhere else. Thanks to my friend here which I have seen personally, but he doesnt know who I am, an has seen me too, it makes me laugh. People think that this is the coolest most awesome job in the world. To get paid to climb, and "save lives". But honestly, we are mostly just EMT's, perhps a 1 or 2 medics.....OOOOOOHHH! In Seattle, the medics and EMT's would blow us away in terms of speed, quik thinking, and experience. If ya think ya got it made man.....ya dont, cause you are doing it for free, and what I know about you so far man, is that you are gonna be on the VOLLY list for a while... And when you meet me, your gonna piss your pants cause you would never have thought it was me......When I tap you on the shoulder soon enough, I would turn around slowly.
  15. The meaning of a tree hugger

    Damn....What did I start here.?
  16. The meaning of a tree hugger

    Jesus Christ!
  17. Exit 38 Tonight

    So is this in Seattle, or where.....Im new to WA sorta speak. Exit 38 to me is REI in Tacoma (yuck). Clue me in.
  18. Exit 38 Right NOW--Friday 17

    Jesus!....I have the day off, with plans to fell trees, and drink beer, Ummmmmmm, should I go?...... Text back......!
  19. The meaning of a tree hugger

  20. Raineer next weekend?... 17-19th

    OK, the clinic is open for ideas and plans....Lets do this....If your good, I can make you better, if your awesome, I can make you remarkable, if your great.....I can turn you into a god! So now that I got that off my chest, lets make plans and setup for a knarly overnighter sorta speak full off crevasses, bridges, ropes, prussiks, and beer! Not to mention the good company.......I got 2 tents, 2&3 person, and all the gear to make this work as a real clinic. I just don't wanna haul all this stuffy up the hill, especially the gear. I'm thinking a spot around the Kautz as camp which will be nice for camp, and a not so far walk to our "playing" area. I want some feedback, this is all I have to say.
  21. New REI Bitch Thread

  22. MtHardwr Annapurnna.......4 Season..New

    C'MON folks!!!!!!!!!!!!......