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  1. Weight Gain Contest

    I'd like to join the weight gain game, but my tapeworm had a vote and said no.
  2. Pull up induced decreased bicep range of motion?

    You may also want to find a good massage therapist, one who specializes in treating athletes. I used to go get deep tissue massages for similar problems a few years ago. Went about twice a month. Worked wonders for relieving stress induced aches and pains from workouts and training.
  3. Heavy metal addiction

    But what are the grades/ratings/whatever of any climbs that may exist?
  4. Heavy metal addiction

    So, since we are all addicted to climbing, we should be given financial allowances, and equipment to supplement our climbing lifestyle...the catch is that you have to move to Sweden. Anybody have a climbing guide for Sweden I could borrow? I want to know if it's worth the trouble.
  5. great climbing quotes

    Rum packs lighter (Smaller bottle for same kick) Just place it with the first aid kit so your wife (if she see's it, or asks) thinks it's part of the medical supplies. Took pepermint schnapps once. Made everything we mixed with it taste like toothpaste. Funny how climbers will discuss (argue) over who should carry what up until the medical supplies are discussed...then there are plenty of volunteers
  6. great climbing quotes

    From "The Eiger Sanction" starring Clint Eastwood. As true in 1975 as it is today. Now I'll have to go and re-watch it tonight. "Jonathan Hemlock: I can't believe that you're a stewardess. Jemima Brown: Actually I'm not, I'm a skyjacker in a drag. Jonathan Hemlock: Oh, that's reassuring, just give your name and I report you to the proper authorities when we land. Jemima Brown: Jemima Jonathan Hemlock: And I'm Uncle Ben... Jemima Brown: I'm serious, that's really my name... Jemima Brown, my mother was hooked on being ethnic. Jonathan Hemlock: Or else turned on by a pancake. As long as we both agree that it's to much for a black chick to have the name of Jemima. " I Jemima Brown She was totally hot !!!! 8D Still, wonder how she looks today, 37 years later.
  7. great climbing quotes

    From "The Eiger Sanction" starring Clint Eastwood. As true in 1975 as it is today. Now I'll have to go and re-watch it tonight.

    Try a Harley. Better than a rocket pack any day!
  9. Tunes for Denali

    And now what kind of music would you recommend for long trips? Variety is the spice of life, so make some recommendations.
  10. Where are the brakes?

    Yes, warmer and brighter. If it keeps up at this rate, by my calculations the planet will be too hot to support life by December.

    You are the only one. skull
  12. Paradoxical Undressing

    Only a pair?
  13. Most obscure?

    Turn to the peak list in the back of the olympic mountains climbers guide, throw a dart, and go!
  14. Paradoxical Undressing

    I've read that the cause of paradoxical undressing is due to when the body shuts down or reduces blood flow to the extremeties that it can only do so for a indeterminate period of time. When the body restores blood flow to the extremeties, the feeling is a burning sensation. Hypothermia victims think that they are now too hot, so shed layers. Kinda like when blood flow is restored to your arm after it falls asleep, all pins and needles, only more painful. So if anyone can tell me where to find if my infor is true or not, let me know...or maybe I'll just google search it.
  15. Recent Curtis Ridge Pictures?

    Anyone been to Rainier lately who can post some decent pics of Curtis Ridge? Information about the interglacier and conditions on that side of the mountain and so forth would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Ptarmigan next weekend

  17. Tom Cruise to Climb Everest

    I knew Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise was a close personal friend of mine. You Sir, are no Tom Cruise
  18. GPS Cell Phones with Camera

    I've heard someone has recently produced a Cell phone/GPS with Camera. Anyone hear about these?
  19. War for Oil?

    Didn't see any war or oil discussed there. Is it western style commercialism you are...protesting????
  20. Blah, de blah, de blah blah blah

    Pray for snow and a long cold winter. Pineapple express demolished last years ski season. Or pray to get noticed by Warren Miller and go skiing worldwide all year long.
  21. Political Thread

    I've been gone for awhile, working and such. I see I haven't been missing much.

    Does anyone have any information or practical experience using pack animals to help transport gear to the base of a climb (base camp) here in the pacific northwest? What are the environmental issues? What are the national park rules/issues? What are the national forest rules/issues? Did you use horses or llamas? Are llamas actually less damaging to the terrain than a horse? What outfits exist that provide these services and at what cost? As a working professional it would be nice to get the approach on a remote climb over as fast as possible and spend more time on the climb and high on the mountains. Anyone with actual experience out there have a comment?

    Sorry so late in responding to your latest post. I've been out climbing in the selkirks over the independence day holiday. Please let me clarify my position... 1) I am looking in to the possibilty of using pack animals. 2) I'd rather use llamas than horses because they are, to my knowledge, less damaging to the trails. 3) I am only shocked because of the assumptions some of the respondents to this thread are making about me...(e.g. that I must be lazy, afraid to get dirty, infirm...) when all I wanted was other climbers experiences regarding this option. 4) I know some people have strong opinions about a variety of topics in the world today, but I don't see how making personal attacks on someone they've never met and know nothing about would clarify any issues they have. 5) As I've previously stated, if I were to use them, it is for the purpose of being able to stay longer on the mountains. My point about Everest and Yaks was to make "the point" that pack animals are not "unethical" and do not seem to detract from the wilderness adventures we all enjoy. I apologize sincerely if I have inadvertently offended anyone. BTW, If I were to use Llamas, I would have the licensed llama driver/handler/owner make a gear drop. The experiences of those climbers who have hiked with llamas seem to indicate that it would be best to leave them to the professionals. Again, to those of you who responded with your experiences, (i.e. Off White, Graupel, Clintoris, Dberdinka, Selkirk, Macson, Dirtyleaf...) thank you. To those who have responded with jokes and humor, (Slothrop: I think if you bulk up enough, you'll be your own pack animal. I recommend supersets of squats to build those horse-like thighs.) thank you, keep it up! To the rest of you, (who made the unfounded personal attacks)

    An extra 5-10lbs makes that big a difference? If you pay me 1/2 of what the outfitter costs I'll drag it up to the glacier for you. How much can you carry? Do you guarantee delivery? Do you have a valid business license? Are you bonded, insured, and Licensed? What are your rates? Per person/Mile/Pound??? Can you give me quotes from three of your competitors? (I wouldn't want to pay too much now...)

    I guess Everest climbers who use porters and Yaks are cheating because they didn't carry all their gear themselves to their basecamp. Or Aconcagua climbers who use mules. I suppose if I drive to paradise at Mount Rainier I am cheating because I used a car to drive the 160 miles to get there rather than hiked those miles with all my gear. Didn't the early expeditions to Mount Rainier use horses just to get to the mountains? (Because there were no roads yet) The choice to use pack animals to carry loads to base camp is an individual one based on ones own goals for the climb. I am astonished that there are some who feel offended at this option. I know, if I become famous and publish a book I'll be sure to annotate my climb of MT. Olympus as a FAWLSTBC! (First Ascent With Llama Support to Base Camp) Thanks guys, you've really made me see the light But serioulsy, Time is precious, and weather in the northwest changes rapidly. Given the choice, I'd rather have an enjoyable climb than a sufferfest.