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  1. 0 degree bag in great condition - very lightly used. It weighs about 3.5 lbs. This is the long version, with a left zip.
  2. quiver killers?

    I've been using quiver killers for two years now, primarily in the back country - they have a few issues, but nothing too major. I switched over to binding freedom's slotted inserts last year for a new pair of skis and found them much easier to work with (and they are cheaper!). When properly installed with loctite, i've never had a loosening issue (besides with free rides). I'm ~230lbs and ski 20-30 days a year pretty aggressively. Downsides: *Don't work with free rides - for some reason, no matter how much loctite i put on the screws and how tight they are, free rides toe piece always come loose. Two friends of mine have had this same issue. *Make sure to use loctite *Make sure to let the inserts sit in a cup of acetone before installing them, as sometimes the OEM doesn't de-grease them Upsides: *I didn't have to buy another pair of bindings for my wife, just skis/skins (she only tours a few days a year) *Much easier to bring multiple pairs of skis traveling and lower risk of breaking bindings in baggage *Easy to replace a broken dynafit heel piece in the backcountry *Can swap out alpine bindings with dynafits on my big skis for resort days *Don't have to have an extra pair of bindings for rock skis *Lower commitment to buy skis. If you mount yourself, its ~$30/pair to mount with inserts, much cheaper than the $300-$600 cost of new bindings
  3. I don't climb enough anymore to justify having this stuff, i've never been much into craiging, mostly easy alpine, so it all has seen moderate-light use and has never been fallen on. 000,00,0,1,2 BD C3s ($35/ea with nano beaner) 0.5, 0.75, 2, 3 BD C4s ($35/ea with nano beaner) set of BD nuts ($40) set of BD hexes ($40) 2x 13cm BD turbo express ice screws ($20/ea) 4x yates ice screamers ($10/ea, http://www.yatesgear.com/climbing/ice/index.htm) hm2453 at hotmail.com
  4. Selling my ice & rock rack

    Everything is gone except the nuts & hexes
  5. Selling my ice & rock rack

    All nuts, hexes, #2 & #3 C4s still left
  6. Selling my ice & rock rack

    All the cams are still available, i'd prefer to sell them all at once (5 C3s & 4 C4s with neutrinos for $315). I'm sorry if I didn't get back to people, there was lots of interest and many buyers fell through.
  7. Selling some ice gear as I haven't been climbing enough lately to justify it! All ice screws in excellent condition and none have been fallen on. *Pair of old style BD cobras, with leashes in good condition $200 *4 green yates ice screamers, never been fallen on/extended, $10 ea. *2x 13cm ($20 ea) & 1x 16cm ($30) turbo express screws *1x 16cm petzel laser ice screw ($30) drop me an e-mail at spcmtn8 at hotmail dot com.
  8. 181 k2 Shuksans, $75

    Drilled twice for bindings, in used condition but definitely have life left in them.
  9. Balls: http://www.ctvbc.ctv.ca/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20100809/bc_slide_flood_risk_100809/20100809?hub=BritishColumbiaHome 2nd largest landslide in Canadian history
  10. Had all my gear on them, but moving to a place with no room for them - over $200 new for both, perfect condition. I'll let them go for $100 if you can pick them up tomorrow
  11. how nasty is the moat, now that that bridge is most likely gone? would it be horrid to rap into it and climb out on the rock?
  12. Early riseā€¦last minute call

    Hey - i'd be up for something this afternoon or tomorrow. I can lead mid fifth class in the alpine and have a light rack and a rope.
  13. Wednesday/Thursday

    Hey, I have tomorrow free and am up for some alpine - sharkfin tower?
  14. Free the 19-22nd if anyone wants to head out; looks like the stuart range might be nice, although its early to tell.
  15. Trip: Sahale Peak - Que Sabe Date: 4/15/2009 Trip Report: Eric and I headed up to cascade river road for an attempt at the forbidden tour, and bailed because we are huge wimps. However, we got up sahale and had some fantastic alpine pow! Full TR Approach Notes: Gated at eldorado TH. 1/4 mile to continuous snow on road, should be a pretty worn in skin track every which way in boston basin by now.
  16. Thanks for the beta! Did you guys get close enough to see how difficult the cornice is?
  17. How ridiculous are the lines for the non-reservation camp spots at Yosemite mid juneish? Does anyone have any recommendations for good dirtbag camping areas near something fun to climb that may still have availability?
  18. Trip: Manatee Range - General Exploration Date: 8/3/2008 Trip Report: It won't let me back date my trip report, but I went exploring up in the manatee glacer area in august and thought the beta might be useful: I've always wanted to check out the coast range, so two friends of mine and I picked one of the 'easier' accessed areas in the hiking and climbing british columbia guide book and went for it. Amazing terrain, I'll have to head back up there this spring for some skiing. The recent weather has finally given me some time to finish the writeup! Part 1 Part 2
  19. Yeah, i thought about the whole attached to the rope thing. The creek was pretty raging and deep, there would have been no way to swim in it if someone slipped - and it was only 20' or so wide - so we unbuckled the waist belts and figured if someone fell, they would get swept back to the side the rope was attached too.
  20. Hi - i'm busy this weekend, but would be interested in climbing next monday and tuesday (12/13) if you could swing that... I am of similar ability level, but haven't climbed since last year, so I can lead easier 3s after a bit of warmup.
  21. I'm a novice ice climber with a flexible schedule, and wanted to go check out stone garden's dry tooling wall sometime during the week when the gym is empty. Anyone looking for a belay partner? spcmanspiff at gmail.com
  22. I got a $75 ticket for not having a northwest forest pass at the white river parking lot! What happened to the $5 ticket and a nice addressed envelope to buy a pass?
  23. $75 nw forrest pass ticket??

    I got the ticket at the parking lot at the end of the white river road on the approach to clark