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  1. The funniest part about pinner's post is that his job is to help people in a psychiatric ward learn the skills to reintegrate into society. Those were some amazing stories and fun to read. Next time take some blurry, crooked pics and post them as a TR!
  2. Hey short guy

    I ended up getting the Cloudveil RPK pants. I finally took them out of the box because it's his bday this weekend. They're really well made, and I think they'll perform well. They match his old snow boarding pants when I hold them up; plenty of room in the leg for burly thighs. The Cloudveil site lists them at $395. They're currently on sale at sierratradingpost.com for $140. Cha-ching! If anyone's thinking of getting snowboarding pants now that we're finally getting some snow I would definitely recommend these.
  3. Hey short guy

    Okay, I'll check those out. Last year I got him some Ibex softshell pants for alpine, which are sweet pants, but were too narrow in the leg for him. I'd like to avoid that this year. He's not into the park style so I'll look for more of the general activity than snowboard specific pants.
  4. Hey short guy

    I want to get some snowboarding pants for my sweetie for his bday. He has short legs and burly thighs and it seems like things either fit over them and are too long, or don't fit but have the right inseam length. Anybody have suggestions on brands that work well for the short and burly guy? He's usually a 29x29 if that helps. I'm not worried about budget as long as they fit him and he'll get a few years out of them. Thx for your suggestions!
  5. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    Wow! Wasn't this thing locked? I rembember how epic it was when it started. Different avatar, of course. I think I may go read the first couple pages and see if it's still as funny now.
  6. The Debate

    Thx Porter.
  7. The Debate

    Thanks Kurt, I'll check it out. I'm a non-verbal processor, IQ in the top 5% but can hardly hold a conversation, so audio/video is tough for me to compute/retain. You think there'd be something out there for deaf people that I could read, but so far not finding anything!
  8. The Debate

    Okay. There certainly is no crowd response in here either on a Saturday eve. Any luck finding a place to read the debate?
  9. The Debate

    Can anyone provide a link to where the debate can be read as text, not watched on video? I'm not having a whole lot of luck in my searches for it. The body language/crowd response is distracting, and I'd like to go over exactly what each candidate is saying for each point, and have time to think about it, without hitting rewind a bunch. Thanks!
  10. Job Next Week

    I need help with a landscaping project next week. Mainly digging a trench and shlepping soil. I'm hoping for 2-3 people that can help with this project. $12.50/hr, show up when you want, leave when you want. The job is E. of Redmond near Ames Lake. Anybody interested send me a PM or give me a call. 206-660-9993
  11. Today's client cancelled so anybody that would like to meet and trade belays give me a ring. I'd like to avoid the evening crowds if possible, and am available all day. Alicia 206-660-9993
  12. Dog breeds

    I have found rubbing the new dog with catnip helps the transition period, as well as making sure the cats get a little extra attention and don't feel completely usurped by the newcomer.
  13. Feminists!

    Wow, those stories are boring. Where are the 'I woke up face down on an unfamiliar kitchen floor wearing only my underwear and my back and legs covered in chocolate syrup' stories? Not that my life was ever that exciting, but I had these friends . . .
  14. Bear!

    All these years of backpacking and climbing and I have never run into a bear in the wild, only seen tracks or scat. However, I used to live in Sammamish (30 min. E. of Seattle), and saw black bears many times while I lived there. Ahh, the joys of wilderness encroachment . . . The property I lived at had an old apple orchard in the back that was frequented regularly while in season. There were also problems with them visiting the local elementary schools. I've seen them off of Hwy 202, near Duthie Hill Rd. Wierd that I see them more in the 'burbs than the mountains. There used to be a gal that worked at VW Seattle that saw a cougar up by the river at X38 about 8 or 9 years ago . . .
  15. CC.com and Northwest culture

    Muff, thanks for describing the rural PNW experience as well. I think the articles posted were more about the urban and suburban experience, so it's a good reminder that there is more to the PNW than Seattle and Portland. I think the neighborhoods that I've lived in around Seattle, Seattle burbs, and Olympia burbs, very much had that genuine desire to help each other out when needed, whether it was jumping someone's car, moving a couch, or building a fence. But as far as the kind of closeness, such as knowing when your neighbor's aunt has cancer, I think that's kind of rare. Maybe that's what people find so wierd about us: that the desire to avoid conflict or negativity is stronger than the desire to connect.