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  1. Sorry, I got that he was a competition climber. I guess I should have asked: Why, if you were burnt out, did you continue to be on a team? It would be interesting to hear if there would have been something that would have kept you motivated or if you would have been done with it even if you hadn't been pushed too hard by someone else. Maybe some time off?

  2. When I was 12 my coach started pushing me too hard, trying to get me on hard 12's and 13's and stuff and It sucked and I stopped climbing for a while.. dont push kids


    cheam, why did you have a coach if you didn't want to get pushed?


    i agree that playing is the best way for kids (and adults) to improve, especially in a gym setting. simply climbing more with a focus on good technique goes a long ways. as long as the overall theme is to have fun.


    adding a twist to normal climbing that makes them think about what they're doing and help improve a technique or strength can be fun too.


    for example: find a section of wall and traverse it. then traverse it with only their left and and agin with only the right. this will build contact strength and learn to control the swing of a dynamic move without the intimmidation of a full-on dyno.

  3. my original point was that regardless of whether or not you're annoyed and whether or not the cyclist is doing something wrong, remember that you're still in a CAR and you could possibly kill someone on a BIKE.

    I personally try to be aware of that fact that I don't always ride 30mph and that I'm sometimes in the way, but there are drivers out there who (on a weekly basis it feels like) get a case of road rage towards me and swerve too close or pass and slam on their brakes. I think it's scary that people don't realize (or care) that people on bikes are so vulnerable.

  4. Things that bother me (related to this topic):

    -bikes with uber-bright lights. when they are oncomming towards me on my bike, it's like a car that doesn't turn its brights down and I can't see a damn thing for the next minute

    -cars that tail bikes; day or night, rain or shine. DONT FUCKING DO IT

    -The douchebag that yelled at me when I was riding home the other night when I didn't have a rear light. I accidently left it on at work and it burned out. Sometimes shit happens, don't be a dick.

  5. as for the getting back into rock climbing shape, the best workout i've found (if you have a climbing gym near you) is to go and do 3 sets of 1/2hr traverses on the wall with 10 minute rests in between. try to move quickly and shake out often (keep yourself just below the pumped level). this ends up being quite a bit of cardio in addition to honing your climbing technique

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