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  1. I agree with Chirp, it's so annoying when people come up with dumb titles for stupid stuff (i.e. a "doulbe tall skinny decaf latte", honestly, you're not ordering anything so don't open you mouth).

    People also try to modify things they don't know about -Chirp I think you'll appreciate this- a woman comes in a bit back and asks for a "double tall nonfat breve". hmmm, how about "no".

  2. I sent 5.8 once but not take professional quality. photo.

    I will reproduse wtih impartial observers from both parties, to certify.


    I was there. It was in fact 5.7d. Squid attested that since a "key hold" had broken off the route should be upgraded, but a strenuous drop knee keeps the rating as is.

  3. yeah, I've been meaning to try those on plastic- now if only I could find a gym so I don't have to drive very far....

    In all seriousness- there's a N. African bistro on 45th between Bagley and Corliss that's open till 2am (you could get style points for using your French skillz...)

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