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  1. Somebody talk caveman, dwayner, and gregw

    That's one cool kitchen.
  2. Hey Republicans Check This!

  3. Yankees going down

    Having driven through Boston a few too many times, I'd love to see them suffer endless defeat. But the fact is that what's bad for the Yankees is good for baseball. One more out!
  4. where did you all start at?

    I can't find the checkbox for "this thread is so rockclimbing.com"
  5. best of cc.com The Nodder?

  6. Washington is the best

    If you aint climbed 5.13 concrete piling sit start from a rotten pirogue floating in a fetid PCB-laced Atchafalaya basin, well, bless your heart but you aint shit now are you.
  7. Great Indoor Climbing Music

    Paradoxically, my favorite climbing music is also my favorite music in general. I'd just as soon not have any music playing at the gym, though, because I zone out and miss parts I like, or the lame tunes someone else likes seep in between routes.