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  1. SW Colorado Peaks

    Anyone wanting to do a couple peaks in CO in what may be interesting snow conditions let me know. I'm in Montrose June 4-7.
  2. [TR] Hood - Reid Headwall 5/28/2007

    I don't know a lot about it but ask around a lot of people have done it. This was the first time for me and the second time for Tim but a new variation. There are a couple lines right and left. The right is obvious ie stay right and then the other is up through the rime and gullies and stays interesting almost all the way up. You should probably have a pic of the gullies and description for the left, but you can tell what goes through once you've headed into what looks most interesting. You want it cold for the left line though cause there can be a lot of ice and rock fall. Hope that helps, Laura
  3. Trip: Hood - Reid Headwall Date: 5/28/2007 Trip Report: Straightforward climb on Reid Headwall. Great weather and cold temps so no ice or rock fall and we were able to keep left in the rime. Laura on a little ice Tim up higher Tim again Laura getting ready for the last section Tim getting ready to summit Gear Notes: Great snow and a little ice. Didn't use the second tool or need any pro. Approach Notes: Windy to start with but otherwise standard stuff, up Palmer over to Illumination and up the route.
  4. newbie looking for lady partners

    Post deleted by l0930
  5. Hood -any route

    No AT gear unfortunately
  6. Hood -any route

    Whichever route you want, I've been up SS, Leutholds, North Face and had several attempts on Yocum. Just looking to get back out after time off. Weekdays are best.
  7. Hood SS Thurs

    Thursday: http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/forecast/MapClick.php?TempBox=1&RainBox=1&SnowBox=1&PoPBox=1&Submit=Submit&FcstType=graphical&textField1=45.3750&textField2=-121.7000&site=pqr&WindBox=1&AheadHour=29
  8. It's steep enough to almost make it exciting up there for newbies! Wasn't expecting that when I took someone up a month ago with no rope, one tool, and no experience... He sure was stoked to get to the top though!
  9. Laura writing- It was cold up there but pretty fun. That pitch of ice at the base of the gulley was sweet. Wish the approach would have been a little harder as cold as it was. Also not as much snow as I would have thought with the weather reports. Good time though.
  10. Ouray Ice Park

    Was out on Red Mountain yesterday, the backcountry ice lines suck this year and so does the snow. There is ice in the park, but it's thinner than I've seen in years. Wouldn't even bother with shit in SW CO right now.
  11. Colorado Climbing

    Dec 18-Jan 22 anyone down there that wants to do so ice and needs a partner. I'll be in Crested Butte but can meet elsewhere.
  12. NF Hood?

    No recent photos of NF, but took a newbie up SS yesterday. It's thin all around, but there should be something in the couloirs. Wish I could go up tomorrow!
  13. new info on kautz?

    Kautz was warm and misserable this weekend. A couple inches of frozen with knee deep powder below, a real pain in the ass combined with all the crevass navigation. Route was fine up to above the ice falls and if it was colder and firm would have been fine up high too. I'd be up to go again Arc, PM
  14. Conditions were good for standard route, shit for Kautz this last weekend, lots of rock/ice falls and nasty crust over powder on anything off of that packed standard trail. Bring sunscreen.