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  1. Who here has busted their ACL?

    I know everyone is different when it comes to repair and recovery, but I'm looking for thoughts post-surgery with your experience. I tore my left ACL recently. I'm going to have it fixed. My options: patella tendon, hamstring or a cadaver. I tore my right ACL 17 years ago and it was replaced with a patella tendon. Of course, I've experienced the annoying side affect of knee sensitivity to kneeling and feeling swollen. It's gotten better over time, but I don't really want to deal with the same thing in my left knee. One day I think cadaver patella tendon, the next day I think hamstring. I've been talking to surgeons, outdoors folks, physical therapists, and reading sports medicine journals. Everyone has a different opinion. My activities are primarily mountain rescue, backcountry skiing, backpacking and trail and road running. Thoughts? Did you use hamstring or cadaver? How do you feel about the strength in your leg post-surgery? How was it getting back to your activity level? Thanks!
  2. Preferred boot fitters?

    Just an update - I wound up going with Marmot Mountainworks in Bellevue - they were able to get my bindings mounted and my boots fitted all on Saturday morning. Issac and Frances at the shop were AMAZING. Super friendly and made sure I had everything I needed. I walked out of there feeling like I could have worn my boots all day. In fact, I skied at Blewett Pass on Sunday (first day ever on AT gear) and didn't once think about my boots for the entire 7 hours we were out. HIGHLY recommend them.
  3. Preferred boot fitters?

    Anyone have any recommendations/advice on the best place to go for getting AT boots molded/fitted?
  4. [TR] Mt. Stuart - Sherpa Glacier 5/30/2010

    Thanks for the report - a friend I have slated to do this at the end of June. We'll be keeping an eye out on more conditions...
  5. Need some help locating a picture.

    If you call or go to the Olympic National Park/Forest Ranger Station in Quilcene, they have a HUGE poster that shows the entire range of the Olympics, as viewed from Seattle. Pretty much 99% of all peaks are labeled. It's a pretty awesome poster. May be a little bigger than what Granny wanted but will definitely answer her questions.
  6. the joshua tree tip i heard was from friends who went this past spring and are still raving about their adventure there - they may have gotten lucky with the weather.
  7. I want to do a week-long rock climbing vacation in 2009 for either February or late March/early April to get a break from the blah-PNW at that time of year. I hear Joshua Tree is nice at that time b/c it's warm and not crowded. Any other suggestions for great places to go during that time of year for some rock? EF
  8. [TR] Mt Maude - South Shoulder 6/28/2008

    jealous jealous jealous - looks fantastic! you always get the good weather... congrats on your summit!
  9. is rockfest as nuts as i have a feeling it will be? i've been out to L-worth but not during this festival. i'd thought of driving out solo in hopes of meeting up with friends there tonight in icicle canyon. or should i just stay at home this weekend?
  10. What do you cook in the mountians?

    When we remember, the nalgene flask with some gentleman jack or johnny walker red. Usually the mountain house or backcountry pantry, then we add angel hair pasta to it - adds the calories the 6'4" boyfriend needs. Screw salt and pepper - chipotle tobasco sauce is the topper for everything. Tang as a nice change from water. I can't do Cliff Bars but old school power bars and gu work. i'll have to try the melted power bar. And dark chocolate Swiss Mix was perfect on our last snow outing.
  11. [TR] Mt Olympus - Blue Glacier 7/27/2007

    I think that was us (three guys and a girl, me) you passed on the glacier b/c we were headed to Snow Dome, it was probably around 2 p.m. or so.
  12. Trip: Olympic Range - Mt Olympus - Blue Glacier Date: 7/26/2007 Trip Report: Four of us started from the trailhead at Hoh Ranger Station at 11:30 a.m. Thursday and hiked 15 miles to Martin Creek Camp. Heard screaming from a camp next door and soon realized a momma bear and her cub were just up the hill from us. They decided we weren't worthy of anything and left us alone the rest of the night. Up early Friday morning and left for Glacier Meadows and made the approach to Blue Glacier. The view from the ridge was breathtaking, with the ice fall and Blue Glacier. We hiked down to the glacier, roped up, slathered on 50 spf and strode across the glacier with ease. Our first time doing glacier travel after taking a mountaineering class and the experience was thrilling! The hike up from the glacier to Snow Dome took a little longer than expected but was pretty easy - crossed both snow and rock bands. On the dome, we found the large rock band by Panic Peak and the IGY huts to shelter our tents from the wind. We had great weather both Thursday and Friday, but saw clouds start to roll in below us Friday evening and got a little concerned, hoping they wouldn't rise. But it was cool how the clouds stayed below us and we got the view of a sea of peaks in the evening. Also, we were all just excited about sleeping on the dome. Not much sleep that night as the winds picked up, but we were up at 6 a.m. for the ascent. Skies partly cloudy but nothing too concerning. The sunrise was amazing and the shadows cast across the snow and peaks were lovely. We hiked through Crystal Pass, around the false summit and next thing i knew, we were at the summit block! Whoo! One of our guys set pro for the 5.4 route off the snow ramp and the rest of us had a great time climbing up to the top. No 360-degree views as clouds and winds were picking up but it was exhilarating all the same. A few pictures, a note made in the box and we rapped down and headed out as a whiteout and mist started to sock us in. Packed up camp, glissaded down the dome to the rock bands, such as CalTech Rock, and back on the glacier. A little slushy back across the glacier (it was about 3 p.m. when we hit it) and then down to 13 mile camp for the night. Mosquitoes were horrendous and it started to rain. Sunday morning - on the trail by 7:20 a.m. and back to the car by 12:45 p.m. It seemed like the mountain was packed with climbers too - we came across groups of 8-10, as well as soloists. Even on Sunday, we saw about 20 people hiking in for the climb. Also, we came across a group of five Marines on Saturday who were doing it in 24 hours - noon to noon. Anyone ever hear about what happened to them? We concerned about their safety. Gear Notes: some pro up to 2-inches, crampons, axes, 10.5 dry rope, tennis shoes and mountaineering boots. Approach Notes: painful in and painful out - but incredible climb!
  13. [TR] Mt Olympus - Blue Glacier 7/27/2007

    I'm wondering if we were the group of four you were behind - did you meet a group at the top, around 10:30 a.m. or so on Saturday? we were from bremerton and poulsbo ... good question about the blisters too - i'm in the same situation... blisters, pop, rock climb next weekend?
  14. Harry Potter

    the HP movies are lame. the books are much better. and yes, i admit to reading them. i thought the same - "a kids book?" until someone introduced me to the series. not a big fantasy, magic fiction fan myself but they're just interesting. and trust me, the first few books are for kids, but they get a little darker as the series goes on.
  15. Fantastic trip photos - love the night/starry sky ones! what's the camera you take on trips like this?