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  1. Obama and his Lying Issues

    what i really wanna know is what did jimmy carter do wrong on the economy? QUESTION(!): CAN SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER THIS?
  2. I 522 Breaking News

    “There is no consensus amongst scientific researchers over the health or environmental safety of GM crops and foods, and it is misleading and irresponsible for anyone to claim that there is." What? Who is this Professor at Lancaster University by the name of Brian Wynne? Then he has the gall to say the following: Indeed some key public interest questions revealed by such research have been left neglected for years by the huge imbalance in research funding, against thorough biosafety research and in favour of the commercial-scientific promotion of this technology. Then this other professor lady Vyvyan Howard, some kind of medically trained toxipathologist (whatever the hell that means) chimes in with this crap: A substantial number of studies suggest that GM crops and foods can be toxic or allergenic, and that they can have adverse impacts on beneficial and non-target organisms. yeah right, obviously she didn't get the memo about "Universal Consensus". Then she goes blah blah blah some more: But as the US has no GMO labelling and no epidemiological studies have been carried out, there is no way of knowing whether the rising rates of chronic diseases seen in that country have anything to do with GM food consumption or not. Therefore this claim has no scientific basis. Then this Andy Stirling professor dude and the UK government’s GM Science Review Panel crony pipes in: The main reason some multinationals prefer GM technologies over the many alternatives is that GM offers more lucrative ways to control intellectual property and global supply chains. To sideline open discussion of these issues, related interests are now trying to deny the many uncertainties and suppress scientific diversity. This undermines democratic debate – and science itself. Then Dr Hans Herren, a former winner of the World Food Prize and an Alternative Nobel Prize laureate, and Dr Pushpa Bhargava, known as the father of modern biotechnology in India, both signed on. Nonsense I bet some giant corporation is paying them millions to write this.
  3. I 522 Breaking News

    hmmm, interesting how different people can interpret the same events differently, yes?
  4. I 522 Breaking News

    except.... he doesn't..... really say anything. i'm holding out for the synopsis.
  5. I 522 Breaking News

    in all seriousness, i should ask what your misgivings regarding i522 were. i'm sure you're probably sick of the subject, but maybe a quick synopsis? i promise i won't take anything you say as fuel for the furthering of the argument! just genuinely curious.
  6. I 522 Breaking News

    maybe that says more about you than it does about the argument. sorry. which tantrum?
  7. Obama and his Lying Issues

    the drone killings are atrocious. and obama ain't my hero. jesus, is he anybody's? and "over here"? in this cyber-room populated by 5 people? what are you looking for? and, tell me about jimmy carter's missteps with the economy.
  8. I 522 Breaking News

    you're kidding, right? a joke? Haha, good one.
  9. I 522 Breaking News

    In the end, I kinda think that this whole affair wasn't really about I522 at all.... I admit to having a deep appreciation for the advertising agency involved on behalf of the anti-522 campaign (Publicis Group). While I'm most likely completely ignorant of any subtleties at work within their approach, the 20 Million Dollars of blunt and repetitious head trauma that I witnessed was probably all that was needed, yes? So, does anyone have anything interesting to say about them? What did their brainstorming sessions look like? What was their goal? How many different spots did they develop for the different geographical areas of WA? What was the main unspoken subtext permeating the entire ad campaign? I think I saw one ad, thanks to not owning a network-receiving television set in our household. But, you gotta hand it to them: National street and telephone polls: 93% of americans favor GMO labels. WA initial support for the initiative: ~70%? Final Outcome? Congratulations, Publicis Group!
  10. I 522 Breaking News

    So the Grocery Manufacturer's Association (meaning Monsanto, DuPont, BASF, Pepsi, Nabisco etc etc) made their statement about the seemingly impending defeat of I522: Because a 50-state patchwork of GMO labeling laws would be confusing and costly to consumers, GMA will advocate for a federal solution that will protect consumers by ensuring that the FDA, America's leading food safety authority, sets national standards for the safety and labeling of products made with GMO ingredients. AWESOME! Why pay all this cash at the state level to defeat any GMO labeling initiatives when you can go directly to the FDA and get them to do it! And why on earth would the FDA do this? Silly question: between that position and his current FDA position, Mr. Taylor was employed by Monsanto as Vice President of Public Policy.
  11. Obama and his Lying Issues

    In what way do you think Carter missed the mark with his economic policies? It was before my time, and this assertion seems to have established itself as an oft-repeated meme, but I've never had anyone who repeats it give technical details as to how exactly Carter was so incompetent. And regarding his stand-uppedness, wasn't his support for Suharto unwavering during that dictator's brutal oppression and murder of Indonesians?
  12. Obama and his Lying Issues

    hey i was just foolin' around. people including me keep talking about the same shit in the same way like forevers so i kinda go nuts sometimes. but yeah, i'd kinda go with jimmy c too. good ol' jc. omg.
  13. Obama and his Lying Issues

    are you seriously asking?
  14. Obama and his Lying Issues

    jeez, now you've really gone over the edge. how can you look uli in the eye tonight, as you read him his bedtime story?
  15. Obama and his Lying Issues

    Oly, is that really the direction you want to go, both as a citizen and as a father?
  16. Obama and his Lying Issues

    I have nothing against fairweather's call for consistency. i hope his call is based on principles, not party lines. every US president violates law, both domestic and international.
  17. Obama and his Lying Issues

    Come on Jim, answer the man.
  18. Obama and his Lying Issues

    well said.
  19. Obama and his Lying Issues

    interesting notion. i can certainly see someone having this opinion. did you ever see the need for censure during the bush presidency?
  20. Obama and his Lying Issues

    Yes. Turns out they prefer a curious combination of Jimmy Carter (economic incompetence), Woodrow Wilson (arrogance and intoxication with power), and Richard Nixon (lies, paranoia). what should we do?
  21. Obama and his Lying Issues

    what is your end-game here? is it simply to vent? will you be lobbying for impeachment proceedings? let's plan strategy on my yacht. we can even discuss vaccines.
  22. Obama and his Lying Issues

    oh man, and we were doing so good. i even stepped to your defense in this thread! and again, not sure what you're going on about with vaccines and government conspiracies. i think you've become overly sensitive here, expecting an attack from all quarters. understandable, given the nature of online communications i suppose.
  23. Obama and his Lying Issues

    explanation please.
  24. Obama and his Lying Issues

    (my reply was @jmace)
  25. Obama and his Lying Issues

    blah blah blah. quit being so partisan. this is about obama and his mis-step. supposedly he was counseled against making this proclamation in the first place, but, well, he had a fever. More cowbell!