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  1. haven't thought about the whole gun laws in the ol' US thing lately, but this whole killing phenomenon ain't a particularly US humanoid only thing: link
  2. jeez, they're quick draws. last set i got were 55 bucks for 6 of them. work just fine. did you know you can get a pair of jeans for 1,100 bucks, has a single weave of red thread, hard to spot. arcteryx seems to work on this principle.
  3. "quite often"? really? doubt it. that assertion's so silly it's barely worth responding to, but i'll respond, simply to call it silly! ha.
  4. i think another consideration besides "are we at rock bottom" are the current interest rates. is it reasonable to think that the rates could go lower? the latest iteration of operation twist is over and priced into the market(?), so where can rates go now? and with banks enjoying the wide spread.... longer term, i think a reasonable concern is inflation with higher interest rates (could go very high indeed), so locking into current mort rates with real property seems like a decent move. look at your level of affordability, buy with a good 30 yr. or 20 or even 15 if you can do it, and hopefully smile in 5 years as rates double.
  5. "no joy", meaning you're putting offers, but someone is outbidding you? I've been looking a bit down there, and the price range you're looking at is going fast. I think you need to figure out how much you are willing to pay, and then be ready to go up to that, regardless of the asking price. talk to your agent about escalator clauses in your offer. I don't know of any "secrets " beyond just keeping at it, although You could look at the foreclosure market and look at distressed properties, especially if you can do the fixing yourself.
  6. i can see it now: so the dude decides to continue with his blind descent, stumbling along, and actually does cornice and die. peanut gallery: "man, what an idiot. he should have just stayed put, maybe even called a rescue. jeez, a rescue would have been less expensive than a body recovery."
  7. come on, man, this is where every middle aged man can relive his childhood. since my opinion is important, let me answer: no.
  8. i guess i never responded, kevino: can you link to the study? i'd love to see what information the undergrads were given; wouldn't you? link please? do you know when and by whom this study was done? you must find a little bit about the above amusing though, right? if i'm reading this right, someone concludes that based on this ONE study with 400+ participants: "these findings indicate that there is no basis for avoiding vaccination out of concern for ASD." this rivals the shit i see posted by the looniest anti-vaxers. i'm not sure if vaccines are really your subject of interest, but did you read the transcript i posted a link to, the one about the simpsonwood conference with 51 scientists and docs discussing vaccine safety? pretty interesting, no matter one's own views regarding the subject.
  9. gawd, i think you're right. if i remember right, you weren't as polarized as i had previously thought, saying something like "we don't know what kind of role vaccines play in autism." then you had to run cuz you were late for your pertussis booster (which you are now up to date on). but i think it was you who tried to kiss me. that's why i blocked the whole thing from my memory.
  10. just so we know your position (emoticons are kinda vague), does the following kinda wrap it up? -there's no way any vaccines are causing "autism"; -all vaccines have some side effects, but are worth taking; -all vaccines on the current cdc schedule should be taken by everybody, and on the schedule they promote; -research has concluded that vaccines cannot cause "autism".
  11. whoa. i used to just feel a little humored when you'd jump in with your ranting non sequiturs; now i just feel a little sorry for you.
  12. are you speaking in general, or with vaccines specifically?
  13. no, i think it's ethyl mercury in vaccines. but, you realize it was virtually eliminated in most vaccines, right? except flu vaccines, which contain what, 25 micrograms i believe. seems kinda hard to zero in on mercury in vaccines as the culprit in the autism rise specifically, when it was removed a decade ago from most vaccines.
  14. where's your source for ethylmercury bio-accumulation? my understanding is that serum levels drop to background levels at time X, with excretion occurring through the GI tract after gut flora breakdown....
  15. Kimmo


    "in an absolute sense"? come on, man, you're outdoing yourself now. while you string a few sentences together nicely on occasion, the fact that you'd make an assertion like the above rather ironically makes the assertion itself highly questionable.
  16. Kimmo


    my specialty is game theory.
  17. Kimmo


    i like how you're including me over here. or are you too busy taking your daughter for her booster shots to actually talk about something substantial in the other thread?
  18. Good point, that proves it. You're smarter than I thought. Great job! if you were smarter than i thought, you might say "i don't know, but it could be." which is kinda what the top scientists and docs said when they met for a conference a while back. the CDC convened a powwow amongst 50 of the who's who to discuss the plausibility of thimerosol being causative with asd, and guess what? "more study needed." excerpts: dr. verstraeten: you are asking for plausibility? dr. brent: well, yes. dr. verstraeten: when i saw this, and i went back through the literature, i was actually stunned by what i saw because i thought it is plausible. here's another: dr. clover: "maybe that's an impossible question to answer, your first question, because no one around here is going to say that mercury per say(sic) is not a concern." one more: dr. johnson: then here comes an opinion, well it is all opinion, but it expresses a flavor. But i think it relates to what dr. bernier is trying to derive here. this association leads me to favor a recommendation that infants up to two years old not be immunized with thimerosal containing vaccines if suitable alternative preparations are available." "forgive this personal comment, but i got called out at 8 o'clock for an emergency call, and my daughter-in-law delivered a son by c-section. our first male in the line of the next generation, and i do not want that grandson to get a thimerosal containing vaccine until we know better what is going on." yes, i actually read the entire transcript. lots of different opinions expressed, lots of interesting info about actual data, analysis of data, omission of data (key data, imo), exposure levels, possible cumulative effects, possible differences in effects based on age of development, etc. etc. link
  19. hey, we're not that far apart. you're not a zealot after all!
  20. i suppose i don't really expect an answer, but i should try: am i right in assuming you have concluded that all vaccinations are harmless, and simply could not cause or contribute to autism-type disorders, or any other neurological disorders?
  21. has anyone read this before: it's an article about vaccines that appeared in Rolling Stone some years back.... haven't checked on a bunch of assertions, but certainly piques the interest, no? link
  22. jesus. brutal. thanks for posting. makes me reconsider how i've been driving lately.
  23. how rapidly? like if you gave it a miles per hour? would it outrun a cheetah? btw, did you know the egyptians used cheetahs for hunting? true story. pretty cool.
  24. i don't think--and i've never come across anyone who does think-- that the increase in autism diagnoses is simply/completely attributable to a retooling of the criteria used. i also don't think anyone thinks that this doesn't play a role. but the most recent and comprehensive study debunked the idea that autism was mainly genetic. in fact, it indicates the exact opposite, that only 38% of asd cases are genetic. so, 62% of cases are environmentally caused, and we are going to dismiss the notion that a particular trigger might be contributing, when that trigger has been absolutely implicated in some cases of asd? (vaccines in this case). now that seems insane and unscientific to me.
  25. slow and angry. they go together. but since you sincerely seem confused: I embrace the scientific method. It's a pretty good combo when a humanoid actually uses it. You should try it sometime.
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