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  1. Representin!!!!!!!!!

    what is the significance of this photo?
  2. Draws Taken from Little Si!

    goddamnit, the first airplane! bahahahahaaaaa
  3. Draws Taken from Little Si!

    the first airplane. bahahahahaaaa
  4. Draws Taken from Little Si!

    but what did two wrights make?
  5. Draws Taken from Little Si!

    bs. people slam on donald because he's a provocative self-righteous self-important uncompromising blathering hypocritical nincompoop who engages in the very same behaviour that he decries (worse behaviour actually, with his posts of developmentally disabled people). it's not that his ethics are entirely dated or irrelevant, it's that his delivery makes one wanna go bolt every friggin piece of rock one sees.
  6. Draws Taken from Little Si!

    i think that you and others have the intellectual ability to see that calling you a "blowhard" has no bearing necessarily on the caller's lack of tolerance for opposing viewpoints; you might simply be a blowhard, simple as that. at least you've matured past the point of posting pics of the developmentally disabled in a piss-poor attempt at smearing those you disagree with; congratulations.
  7. Draws Taken from Little Si!

    i suppose that the feelings you harbor about your role in my example would demand the response you gave.... considering your complicity in the "offense" you deem worthy of knee-cap removal.
  8. Draws Taken from Little Si!

    i used to. i think my sense of ethics evolved. not entirely sure if the evolution of my pocketbook played a role; i actually think not.
  9. Draws Taken from Little Si!

    is car theft really a felony offense? didn't know that. i've had 2 or 3 cars stolen in seattle; kinda low on the crime totem pole methinks. what if what you take is taken by the government, which has taken it from somewhere else with no real representative "permission"? is that "stealing"?
  10. POT

    a little disappointing that the face of "common sense" marijuana legalization on CNN is tommy. good theatre i suppose, but certainly doesn't add a voice of reason (well, public consumption "reason") to the debate.
  11. why pres die

    can anyone offer what joblo7's conspiracy consists of? has anyone asked him directly? i'm kinda interested, but not interested enough to wade through the thread. that the rothschilds order hits on presidents? how would volcker play into this, during his austerity of the early 80's? inquiring minds want to know.
  12. Extreme toe pain

    how long has the pain been around, and what kinda shoes? i used to wear my shoes tighter than i do now, and would have pain similar to what you describe. i started wearing bigger sizes, and the pain went away. probably took a month or so? got so bad that walking sucked. wearing loose slip-ons as my walking shoes helped. i've learned i don't have to size my shoes down so damn much to be able to climb just as well.....
  13. North Fork Crag

    bennniiiiieeeee. 60 worked fine for us. three routes very worth doing. the goods, bad animals, and titanothere or whatever burdo ended up calling it. we're off to mazama! kiss kiss.
  14. Where to move to....? HELP!!!

    Does your profession travel across international borders? If so, Canmore.
  15. Amish milk farm raid

    mmmmmm kitfo.
  16. McD's Contribution to a Heathier You

    damns, that's sounding about right. might follow suit this evening, except for the morels:( quick dinner last night: sauted onions, add two brown eggs, half cup rice, cuppa black beans, and fresh jalapeno (all organic). some salt to taste, lotso good hot sauce: protein and carbs right there oh yeah, around 400 calories.
  17. Amish milk farm raid

    i don't know.... after reading the man's account, doesn't really sound like a "raid". I think this is really more about whether or not milk should be legal to sell. I've had similar "raids" on my jobsites. Big deal. The laws are in place; should they be selectively enforced?
  18. bad dancing must be stopped!

    do you personally feel entirely disempowered/disenfranchised by the condition of our current institutionalism? i felt more akin to the sentiment of your post during WTO in seattle, perhaps simply because tear gas up the nose tends to create a visceral understanding of state power (not an intellectual one).
  19. The Trillion Dollar Toy

    i think alternative uses could be found: 15 minutes from seattle to smith rocks!
  20. McD's Contribution to a Heathier You

    really? next year the new comes up or what? ok so idea: let's have any post about a problem include a proposed solution to the problem, one that any individual can act on. and include a recipe. i'm getting tired of our 3 or 4 recipe repertoire.
  21. McD's Contribution to a Heathier You

    wouldn't necessarily hope for their complete demise, since i do loves me a coke and a big mac (oh about once every six months).
  22. McD's Contribution to a Heathier You

    It gives them more time to focus on the politics of what's really important: personal lifestyle enhancement. if "personal lifestyle enhancement" was a serious cross-cultural reality, then shit producers (mcd's, coke etc) would wither to a fraction of their current size.
  23. McD's Contribution to a Heathier You

    collard greens are virtually a daily staple 'round these parts. got em in the garden, and even our 2 yr old be feedin on em. although no bacon fat, just lotso butter!
  24. McD's Contribution to a Heathier You

    ummm can i haves it? haven't had one in years mmmmmmm
  25. McD's Contribution to a Heathier You

    and i'm not being cynical here, jb. fyi.