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  1. Oregon Coast

    Wayne, where's Bandon? In town? State Park? Qué?
  2. Oregon Coast

    Hey ya'll, Its been a while, I is been busy. I'm hoping to tap the knowlege accumulated by lots of hard work by others, without making my lazy ass waste time doing the hard work... That said, I am heading down the Oregon Coast, as far south as Redwoods NP in North Cali, and I don't know any climbing stuff on the coast down there. We're not bringing sport gear, so bouldering spots are the only thing we'll be able to hit. Masternate already suggested Humbolt boulders, but I don't know how far south that is, time constraints mean we really can't go too far into Cali. If anyone has some good locales, esp. in Oregon, I'd love to hear 'em. In the meantime, I'm gonna figure out where else I'm going to go down there, and try to completely undo all of my studying for finals
  3. Is this our catbirdseat

    I dunno, most of us Birders are pretty liberal... Unless it's all a front, Catbird?
  4. Farenheit: 9/11: a waste of my time

    Michael Moore is not what anyone would call an unbaised reporter, but he has good points, occasionally. Fog of War is a much more objective look at (kinda) the same thing.
  5. How many 5 y.o.s would it take to bring you down?

    BTW, ultimate 5yo-bashing music is either a toss up between Ramstien's Du Hast, or anything by Celine Dion. That would put me into an unimaginable 5yo-killing frenzy. I'd go through quite a few toddlers if I was listening to anything that awful. Anything by Macy Gray would just make me lay down and allow the 5yo's to put me out of my misery.
  6. How many 5 y.o.s would it take to bring you down?

    Are we talking male or female? Females are more passive and show some signs of mercy, male 5yo's are ruthless, destructive, pain-causing animals that can't be silenced by anything less than a computer game and a tall, frosty glass of rhino tranquilizer. I'd say it would take at least twenty girls to take me down, I could keep them at bay with taunts about them liking a boy and by telling them that they'll never be as pretty as Brittney Spears, while they're all crying, I could make a gettaway. Against 5yo boys, I think one 5yo fresh out of nap time would be a fair fight, I could probably take out at least five before I was ripped to pieces if it was pre-nap. They have an advantage, though, I can't retaliate to their kicks and jabs to the nuts, cause theirs haven't dropped yet, I'd have to aim for the abdomen...
  7. The Beer of the Gods Lives!!

    Long live PBR!! May it's cheap prices and coma-inducing contents serve as a bright, amber-colored, ambrosia-flavored beacon for broke college kids and white trash alike for years to come. http://www.nytimes.com/2003/06/22/magazine/22PABST.html?ex=1091764800&en=5694bdab912c2b4e&ei=5070
  8. One Hippy Comments on Nader

    Am I a bad liberal greener if I say that Nader pisses me off? He never gets anything done, just distracts folks from a stronger canidate who actually has a chance. Oh, and Paris Hilton's fuckin' FINE, I make it a point not to read any articles about her, just look at the photos and enjoy some quiet time with my steady girl, Palmela Handerson...
  9. Metolius Super Chalk...

    Didn't notice a difference between brand-X and Metolius super chalk. The twerpy nerds that are gettin me all lerned up would say that MgCO3 is the same thing as "super" MgCO3. Go steal the multi-colored chalk bucket from the two-year old down the street, it'll be cheaper and easier than buying it, and you'll be the envy of everone on the rock with your pastel pink, yellow and blue hands...
  10. Maybe Clinton was right?

    What tough questions, and who is asking them? I'm not trying to stir shit up, I simply don't know, and would like to find out which R congresspeople you're talking about. Just curious
  11. official Best Excuse thread

    I got the Clap, herpes, syphillis (sp?), the Ebola virus, and AIDS, you should really tell your grandmother to see a doctor, boss. I'll be fine by Monday.
  12. Maybe Clinton was right?

    Good call, Klenke. I've never thought that logging (or cattle raising, for that matter) in national forests should be allowed, there are private lands set aside for that purpose, not national forests. Fairweather, you're actually right, to me, the fact that you buy a pass means that you have the right to bitch, just make sure you bitch to the right people to get things changed. People pay more attention if you are someone that has paid them, and is willing to take it away. And before RobBob comes out to jump up my ass, Weyerhauser had nothing to do with that particular sale (note: not a blanket excuse for logging practices of Weyer or any other Co.)
  13. Has anyone gone rafting? Need some advice

    You should go through an outfit called River Recreation next summer, ask Deanna or Jen to guide you, I'm told there pretty fun gals. Whadda you think, Distel?
  14. Supporting the Troops?

    Only in my dreams
  15. Political Sing-Along

    If they had made me sing this version in elementary school music class, life would've been a lot better. http://jibjab.com/<http://jibjab.com/> Enjoy...