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  1. It ain't, Copilot is higher and to the right, the route to stadium glacier is below that bluff and the route to Gunsight Gap goes behind it.
  2. A guy at work said a friend of his heard about a new crag somewhere in Lynn Valley that's been developed recently, supposedly mainly bolted routes in the .10's. Anyone heard of this? My information is sketchy at best!
  3. That road must be near the top of the list for number of times washed out and subsequently repaired in the last decade.
  4. Sorry dude! We can't see your polypro under the water though!
  5. NOW I think we have a winner! All the Mountaineer 10 essentials...check Lack of appropriate elements...check Shorts over Polypro...check Goofy Joyous N00b smile...check Gaiters...check It's all there, Folks. :tup: I'm flattered, it's taken a long time to perfect that look!
  6. The road to the parking lot will be fine by now (ie probably won't need chains). Given the amount of snow this year, there should be continuous snow from Red Heather onwards til about mid June at least.
  7. Naaah, Blackcomb has better snow, it's further inland!
  8. Does it work in the wind? Doesn't seem practical for stormy days...
  9. You betcha! Never had a chafing problem with polypro. Tight fitting polypro boxers are better for warm weather.
  10. Excellent stuff Doug, I've been up Tantalus twice from Sigurd Creek, and it's a long haul! I can add the Witches' Tooth to the show:
  11. West side route(s) on Tremor are on my list to explore, don't think they're climbed too often. Could be day trippable in later spring? Need a nice forecast though.
  12. After many years and much abuse, it's time to retire my old North Face VE-24 tent. My favourite feature was the fact that the doors were on the side, ie perpendicular to the direction you'd lie. Made cooking in the vestibule a snap in any weather. Anyone know of 4 season tents (other than North Face) that have the doors on the sides as opposed to at the ends of the tent? Thanks!
  13. I punched out my Garmont G-Lites to widen the toebox. Heat up the plastic using a powerful hair dryer, use a glove and force the plastic out, then quickly dip in cold water to form. The boot won't look great afterwords (splotch marks and distorted plastic) but it works.....
  14. Ponzini

    waddington by sea

    Check out Canadian Alpine Journal, 1998, page 91 for a trip report with a sailboat approach and then foot approach via Scar Creek.
  15. I don't go to the backcountry to ski bumps
  16. I like........but where? Anniversary glacier x 4? Wedge SF x 2?
  17. trailbreaking looks nice 'n light too......
  18. I've found liquor store bags are best as they're nice and tough. Double bag them, wrap some duct tape around each handle and tie a short piece of 3mil cord between the handles and you'll be set.
  19. Sounds like rock flour with sharp edges is the culprit. A good lesson.
  20. Would it be any faster/easier to approach by walking up the Lynn Creek trail (assuming you weren't going to pay for the ride up the tram)?
  21. No, I've never done any of those in BC (yet)....
  22. This summer we camped for a week beside a turquiose, glacier fed lake in the Adamants, and as the week went on, two of the three of us started feeling poorly (little appitite, sometimes upset stomach, etc). Anyone else experience this? The water was somewhat silty, but nowhere near the dirty color of large glacier outwash creeks. Derrick was affected worst, Ramsay only somewhat and I felt perfectly normal so I don't think it was a case of giardia. Any thoughts?
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