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  1. AT Gamma Mx Hoody

    I am considering the Gamma Mx Hoody (arc'teryx) and the ascensionist (patagonia) for a new lightweight soft shell for ice/alpine climbing. My local shop has the Patagonia jacket and it seems nice, though I think the cut is a bit too trim around the chest. I'm not able to find the Gamma MX locally. Anyone tried the Gamma Mx? I'm curious has to how light it feels, how well it sheds light precip, overall cut for ice climbing, etc...general impressions. I'm able to get both pieces for @ the same price otherwise I wouldn't consider the Gamma. thanks
  2. FF Volant Parka

    Looking for opinions on this jacket. Back to the same dilemma, 98% of use will be lower 48 winter climbing, ice climbing, but I also want something for denali next year and wondering if this would suffice. Not being near feathered friends i'm not able to handle the jacket and have no idea how much 9oz of fill really feels like. I'm also looking at the Frontpoint of theirs which has 13oz. of down fill but wondering if this would be overkill for most of my outings. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  3. New BD Vipers

    I'm looking for general opinions on the new black diamond Vipers if you've climbed with them. I have my eyes on the new Cobras as well but the price difference is significant enough to give pause. This will be my all purpose tool (waterfall, alpine). Very little mixed climbing use. if you've climbed with these i'd love to hear your thoughts. thanks
  4. New BD Vipers

    briannabanana which picks are on your BDs? I assume the standard Lasers? I ended up buying the Vipers with the Laser pick and am finding it to be difficult to clean. They also seemed to displace a lot of ice, but maybe those were the conditions that day. Anyone have experiences with the Titan picks? I think they have a larger cross section so in theory would displace more ice (right?) but i've heard many think it is the superior pick (i am on pure ice). I'm new to aggressive pick tuning...any pictures or tips?
  5. Scarpa Omega Boots

    Just saw this boot on mountgear and I’ve never seen it before. Is this a new boot? Anyone know anything about it, I can’t find anything on the scarpa website (whatever that is) as of yesterday. Looks basically like a red version of the Alpha. And by the name I’m guessing it IS just an evolution of that boot.
  6. Where to buy gas cannisters?

    I am going to Whittaker's in ashford on the way into the park. be there on friday for a trip up gib ledges friday night. When and where are you going?
  7. Mount Rainier Summits This Weekend!!!

    I plan on doing Gib Ledges in a couple of weeks and have never been on this route… Can anyone offer any beta or close up pics specific to the ledge traverse? It’s difficult to discern a ledge system from the pics I’ve seen. Some TRs seem to imply it is a sketchy traverse while others sound like it’s rather straight forward. I assume a party of 2 should go un-roped through the section? Or are there opportunities for rock pro? Any info is appreciated…thanks
  8. Mount Rainier Summits This Weekend!!!

    Pochi Nice job. Did you attach photos? I can not seem to download them...
  9. Feathered Friends Frontpoint Parka(new) - medium

    which fabric? Color?
  10. Trango Extreme vs. Trango Extreme Evo GTX?

    Are these built on a narrow last? How is this boot for those of us with 'semi' wide (d/e) feet? I've had issues in the past with sportiva products, namely the nepale extrmes being too narrow.
  11. Pack w/ Frame 55L-70L

    I climb with a CCW Chernobyl but lately after a day in the hills carrying rope and gear I am finding the lack of frame is just killing my back. Any suggestions for packs with a frame in this size range (3300ci-4000 ci) for alpine climbing and up to 3 days out? How are Ospreys? thanks
  12. Best all-around ice tool????

    Rage = poor man's Cobra whichever you can afford. Both are great.
  13. Scarpa Omega Boots

    I'm just curious what improvements they've made to the alpha. i read a wider toe box, which is good. Now if they've also made improvements to make the akle tie in more secure/tighter I think it will be a 'god' boot. anyone acutally tried them on?
  14. Yet another ice tool question

    I thought the Axars were a better tool than the Aztar and don't know why they gave up on them, but then again you'll always find someone longing for the (not so) ol days. Currently: BD RAGE Awesome tool for many situations.
  15. CCW Chaos vs. Arc Teryx Needle 65

    CCW is a very nice pack. My torso length may be the issue, but when I'm climbing steep terrain teh top lid hits my helmet and is bothersome. I think just trimming the bivy will solve. This pack is nice, but did make me finally realize that i like framed packs for carry any kind of weight. not a fan of tool tubes either...
  16. Scarpa Freney vs. Cumbre

    I have the cumbres for 2 years now and ice climb with them all season. I have also used them for glacier travel on rainier. great ankle flex. great on vertical ice. Great on approaches. I think the Cumrbres are awesome, better than NP Extremes which i have also owned. I have a wider foot so that it just comes down to fit. My "only" minor gripe is the rubber on the toe started to peel away somewhat soon. Is this a valid reason for return?
  17. Well, most everything in this industry is overpriced Consider just buying some cheap used boot shells (many rental places sell off inventory at end of season) and just replace the liners. cheapsnowboards.com i think has intuitions for something like $30. That should be a fairly cheap set-up for you. i'm in a similar boat as you and have just come to the conclusion that the perfect plasctic boot (i.e. meets all of your criteria) probably doesn't exist. I've had Expe and thought the same as you about them. Scarpha's didn't fit well. Next try is probably the inverno. good luck
  18. He is looking for a boot warm enough for extreme altitudes and the Alpha is reccomended? Look elsewhere. I bought into the hype of this boot only to be disappointed. It's probably a great boot if you're foot fits it, like the previous post said. mine did not and it was near impossible to get a secure ankle tie-in. Really bothersome. I here great tings about the Nuptse but at $515 violates your 5th criteria.
  19. WTB: MK1 Tent

    Lite or XL. email jeffsaintg @ yahoo dot com
  20. WTB: MK1 Tent

    Still looking, prefer an XL
  21. LS Nuptse Boot

    I’ve heard good things about these boots but are they that much better than other less costly doubles like civettas, invernos, etc.? They are currently $439 and LS is raising the price to $505!! I climb in leathers (cumbres) but looking to add a double boot to my arsenal for really cold stuff - slogs, overnighters, water ice climbing, maybe for an AT set-up. I emailed LS asking if there have been changes to the boot to justify the increase in cost… Tim from LS emailed back 1 sentence “There have been no changes to this boot”. A 17% increase in cost and that reply.
  22. FS: Arc' Teryx Bora 80 Pack

    Used for only 2 trips, @ 6 days total. In absolutely perfect/new condition. I can email pics. ...Sell for $180 email jeffsaintg at yahoo.com
  23. FS: Arc' Teryx Bora 80 Pack

    sorry...Size is a Medium
  24. Just can’t decide…. Use: everything – lower 48, 4 season, 2 people – I’m under 6’ some partners are hovering around 6’ – potential AK trip. Do people find the added space, vestibule option, and cost of the MK1 XL outweigh the lower cost, lighter, but smaller MK1 Lite version (or the i-tent vs eldorado – same sizes, same applies I guess). Ideally I was going for the XL in the eVent - larger tent for less weight. But that’s not an option now. I guess I’m not concerned with tight sleeping quarters as much but gear storage, cooking, etc. Thanks
  25. According to IDs website their eVent version of the MK series is no longer available. Wonder why?? And I was going to buy one this spring. AAARRGGHH! How are those BD firstlight tents working for people in high winds? Good 4 season choice?