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  1. Hi Tobin.....my weekday availability for Stone Gardens is more early morning or lunch hours. Evening doesn't really work for me with the job and family. Maybe we could connect on a weekend sometime. Keith
  2. Hi all, I just moved from Portland to the east side of Seattle and I'm looking for regular training partners during the weekend at Stone Gardens in Bellevue. I've got a little one at home so I'm try to do early mornings or lunch hours. Also want to find partners interested in local cragging..I climb sport in the upper 11's and trad around 9/10. I got my first taste of some of the Leavenworth multipitch classics a few months ago and loved it.
  3. Climber dad looking for trad partner

    I just moved to the Seattle area from Portland with my family and have a 1.5 year old so I definitely know what it is all about. I'm looking for a training partner during the week and certainly a partner for local weekend crags. I climb upper 11's sport and 9/10 trad. I'm pretty stoked that Leavenworth is so much closer now.
  4. PDX climbing partner

    Just moved to Portland a few months ago and looking for some cool folks to climb with. I climb at PRG 2-3 times a week and am dying to get outside to climb(local crags or Smith). Evenings and weekends are good to go. Keith presto40@gmail.com
  5. I'm looking for a regular climbing partner for gym training and/or climbing at crags around Portland (and Smith). I just moved here this weekend from the Midwest and have been climbing for a couple of years. I mostly climb sport but I'm open to learning trad. Looking for someone that could hook up in the weekday evenings and/or anytime on the weekends. I haven't joined a gym yet, but looking at PRG and Clubsport (I'm working in Lake Oswego). This place seems awesome. Looking forward to meeting some cool people. Keith