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  1. Full disclosure. I took a class at REI, have been to a few rock climbing gyms... I got a harness, shoes, helmet, and a belay device. I can belay... Thats about all I have to offer but I really want to get outside and learn to climb. I got friday off this week but if anybody is interested I'd be willing to try a schedual anything. Thanks Zac
  2. New Guy Here

    Hello My name is Zac. I am hoping that this forum will give me some understanding as to how I can get involved in this sport. I took a class a while ago and really had a great time. It seems like a lot of people have access to rock climbing gyms. I don't live very close to any. I think I would rather climb outside anyway while the weather is good. I guess my question is whether or not you all got so immersed in this with clubs, or just driving out to a rock and saying hi. Unfortunately nobody I know really has an interest in rock climbing so I'll be looking to meet people who can teach me. Thanks