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  1. Re-bolting campaign on Indiegogo

    I'm sorry you choose to frame it in such a defeatist light. The economies of the poor villages near this crag depend almost entirely on tourism from outsiders. The people in these villages are begging for this.
  2. Hi folks, We have launched a not-for-profit crowdfund page for re-bolting corroded hardware at a magical sport crag in the Dominican Republic called Playa Fronton. Please check out our page here: http://igg.me/at/tS0QLem5TeI Our campaign will be live into April 2016. No donation is too small. We appreciate your support!
  3. Climbing above Camp Sheppard?

    Appreciate the insight Yak. Thanks.
  4. Climbing above Camp Sheppard?

    Yeah, looks like it's mapped as Sun Top unit of the Clear West Peak rhyolite, which by the geologic unit description on the map is typically better rock quality than Ohanapecosh (which makes up a lot of the popular sport crags of North Bend). My guess is that it couldn't be all that bad for climbing, especially considering how vertically it stands. Surprised there's no info on it. I'm going to scope the area out soon and talk to some folks at the local FS branch. I'm curious, but also want to make sure it's not a marbled murrelet or other bird paradise.
  5. I've been wondering about this for a while but haven't found any info after much scouring -- what's the deal with the crags above Camp Sheppard out on 410? Are there established routes or topos or underground beta or secret handshakes? Or is it just a big chosspile not worth mentioning? I've read a couple of posts about ice climbing there but nothing about summer routes. Any leads or beta? My understanding is its on FS land so I can't imagine it's a huge access restriction...
  6. Wa State Ice Website

    ^ good idea!
  7. kevino's Alpental updates

    Can I request a conditions report for the ice around Source Lake? I'm hoping it will fatten a bit with the cold snap this week... Appreciate any beta on conditions.
  8. Wa State Ice Website

    I read in another place that ice is starting to come in up at Alpy. Has anyone been out recently to confirm conditions?
  9. 2009/2010 Washington Ice

    Has anyone checked out the upper Alpental road (Kiddie Cliff area and Source Lake) in the past couple days?? I would think it would be getting plump by now with this cold snap?? Although it will probably be a zoo up there this weekend.
  10. [img:center]http://www.cascadeclimbers.com/plab/data/500/sprayer.jpg[/img]
  11. Thanks. Yeah, a gaper in snowboarding is basically someone who watches all the action from the sidelines, rather than who is actually part of the action itself. It's what the "hardcores" call the weekend warriors, but they also bust on their buddies for being gapers. So I guess it's a little different with sprayers. So from my understanding, I picture a sprayer to be a guy wearing neon tights, no shirt, a headband, Oakley Frogskin sunglasses, with a French accent saying something like: "For you, dis is good climb. For me, maybe I climb dis when I am sick or when I am tired. But for you, dis is good climb." Am I close?
  12. Who Carries One?

    God, I hope they paid a handsome fine for that "rescue". I carry an ACR PLB -- in my airplane, not in my backpack.
  13. I assume it's like the climbing equivalent of gaper in snowboarding/skiing? Where did the term originate? Is it unique to the PNW region or are spayers far more widespread?
  14. I'm glad for you that you are above everybody. Congratulations, you're awesome.