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  1. WTB rockshoes for gym use

    Greetings, I am in need of size 48/49(12/12.5 US) climbing shoes. I have been assigned a cotract job that will take me to Minnesota until June/July and will be resigned to indoor climbing(currently reside in Colorado). Looking for something I can abuse and wear out without having to purchase new shoes prior to relocating. Feel free to PM me or just post here as I'm leaving on the 27th will have to have them shipped(at my expence of course). Thanks, Koka....
  2. Climbing with a broken hand...

    SnowByrd, Sorry to hear about your hand, I had shoulder surgery back in March and then again in June, so I can totally relate to your inquiry. My advice for what its worth, is find something that keeps you connected to what your passion is. I found this board, and while I don't live in the PNW and am not by any means a super climber(surfing is my true passion, but no ocean in Colorado) I found myself missing the community and the activity of climbing(both mentally and physically). Secondly I found other physical activities that didn't involve my upperbody. Balance excercises, cycling(staionary), speed walking(running and falling would have been bad) and of course spending as much time in rehab and P/T as possible. Still cannot climb very much yet and cannot lead anything but I am back at the gym's(its better than nothing) and around those who share similuar interest. Finally to end my thought, just remember that if climbing is something you enjoy, it will be there when you heal and returning too soon will ultimatly delay your return. Take care and rest easy, Aloha...
  3. Biggest Whipper!!!

    Yes I was there. Wanted to play with the big boys, had surfer other big waves. Way to big for me I punked out and sat on my board just outside the point. I new Mark Foo from home, truly great person and natural surfer. I still go back to Mavericks everytime I visit my folks.
  4. Biggest Whipper!!!

    Climbing; 25' on the 4th pitch of "Jules Verne" on Redgarden Wall in Eldorado Canyon. The just of it was a dislocated shoulder and broken elbow. Surfing; 1997 Mavericks in Half Moon Bay, 30 to 50 foot swells. Lost a great surfer and great person Mark Foo that day in December. Pro's die too. Aloha Mark...... Mahalo
  5. Toyota truck question

    Just an FYI, I'm native born Hawaiian and have brought over several cars from there to the mainland and NEVER, NEVER had any issues with either roaches(what a crock) or rust. Cars do not rust in Hawaii, may be a salty ocean but you have the same ocean right outside your door. Regular washing and maintenance prevents autos from rusting. The major cause of auto rust is road salt and grime that is on the under carriage and not washed off routinely. As for dealerships not wanting autos from Hawaii another load of bunk, most Island cars have far less milage than any car found mainland(3 hours around the whole Island). Any other interesting concerns about Hawaii, like where to ski(yes we ski in the winter too) just ask. Aloha....
  6. Shoulder Surgery

    Greetings and salutations, I am looking for advice, ideas, really anything to assist me in recovering from rotator cuff surgery. Additionally I also had a labrol tear. It has been four weeks since the surgery and just starting physical thearpy. I have been told to expect a four to six month recovery and 95% mobility. What I'm searching for is a real idea of what to expect. Also alternatives to just physical thearpy. Any imput would be appreciated and welcomed as I'm starting to go out of my mind being one handed. Thanks and Aloha
  7. Shoulder Surgery

    DFR, Thanks for the info, seems to be what I get from everyone I ask. Just looking for another answer as I'm not very good about being patient. While I have never been skilled at climbing(.10+ is about my max) I do enjoy it so, surfing is my real obsession and passion but as I'm stuck very far from home and no oceans I have adopted climbing. Again thanks for the well wishes and advice I will let you know how the thearpy goes after I start tomorrow. Aloha.
  8. Foreign Policy Question

    Interesting thought, but I'm unsure of one thing. I understand the point that you are making about having to live the type of existance that many in third world countries do. However are you trying to say that Israel because of living under the constant threat of terrorism is justified in killing innocents on Palestine? Wouldn't Palistinians be justified in bombing Israel again. While I believe that people effected by violent acts often want revenge I also believe that once achieved it is never as satisfying as percieved. Call me idealistic or even nieve but what would happen if Israel didn't retaliate to a Palistinian terrorist attack. Could this possibly change the perception? Maybe not today or even tomorrow but possibly over time, and since the current strike, counter strike method has not worked....Anyway just a thought. I do empathise with you for having seen so much carnage firsthand, I found that talking with those who have shared simular experiences helps. Mahalo and Aloha....
  9. Halliburton pillaging the Iraq effort

    tele_nut First off, allow me to say “Welcome-Home”. I am glad that you returned safely from Iraq. No offence taken I have developed thick skin over the course of my life. Second, allow me to clarify any miss representations I might have alluded to. I am not from the PNW nor do I reside there currently. I stumbled across this site while doing climbing research and found the banter both humorous and intelligent. It appears that we have trampled through some of the same mud so to speak as I have had the pleasure of serving all over the middle east/gulf region as well as the south pacific, and Indian Ocean territory. While I agree with you that KBR is well entrenched in the current effort and removing them at this point could prove disastrous, it is the process of how they came to be there I have issue with. Could some other organization have done a better job? I/we will never know as no one was given the opportunity to “bid” on this contract. This is the “bone of contention that I believe many people have. The granting of government contracts without a competitive bidding process. Your final thought seems to bring up what might be another “thread” I believe is the term? The result of America’s “Lone Gun” approach to Iraq seems to have committed the taxpayers and service people of this country to a long-term obligation. Had our current leadership heeded the advice or recommendation of the UN the “cost” of liberating Iraq might have been shared by several other world organizations. The current role that our President has cast us in also increases the likely hood that we will face Haiti and Libya alone as well. I look forward to your rebuttal and welcome any thoughts you have on these issues. Regards and Aloha,
  10. Halliburton pillaging the Iraq effort

    My appoligies if you took the term "heir" as slanderous. In many European countries it is a sign of respect when addressing a unknown for the first time the same as "Sir". If you would like to discuss my military record as well as my accomplishments in the civilian sector we could arange a time to do that in a different forum. Aas ofr being a "monkey-ass" or riding a "short bus" I suggest that you stop projecting you ecperiences on me and stick to facts. Having attended the Naval War college (and I can provide MY degree) I have a better than average understanding of militarism. I was just stating that Halliburton's effort in Iraq has no bearing on who was the most qualified or has a consistant record of industry achievment. It mearly went to the company with the highest government contacts. I do agree with you this occurs in the civilian sector as well. All companies operate with varring degrees of nepitisim, favoritism, and "old-boy" mentalities. The major difference is that they aren't supplying the products required by those selfless few who volunteer to serve in the Armed FOrces. Having lost serveral frends and investgated hunderdes of accidents that were the direct result of sub-standard equipment from well connected contractors over my military career I was just offering another perspecitve on this topic. Aloha until???
  11. Halliburton pillaging the Iraq effort

    Forgive me if I'm out of line in commenting here as I'm new to this site. I, however felt strongly enough about the "first hand" observations on "Iraq" to entice a reply. Allow me to disagree with heir "_nut". First point of challange is the "build up phase from a military standpoint and the planning for the war was made years and years before Bush and CO even hit the polls." Having served numerous years in the military and as a DOD contract negoitator, the "Iraq War" was the sole mission of our current sitting leader. As for the "The plans to carry certain contractors was probably a result of loyalty and industry achievement over the course of many years" that would culminate in a relationship, this is known in DOD circles as an "old boy" network. The contractors currently in Iraq today, are their for their OWN benefit. Not the benefit of the Iraqi people or the Americian's who are funding the bill. Regards,