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  1. Flying in on July 16th. Staying for 3 weeks. Looking to climb Esfinge original route. Open to more climbing. Let me know dmit.litvak by gmail.com
  2. Lightly used in gym Evolve Evo for sale, $40 OBO. Not sure what's up with Evolve sizing, but they are too tight for me and I wear street shoe size 10. Send your offer to dmit.litvak gmail
  3. Dear friends, With great sadness, I inform you that our dear friend Phil Patz passed away in a scuba diving accident on May, 25th 2009. This leaves a deep hole in our hearts as we have shared so much with Phil. We are still in denial of the news, because of Phil's constant safety consideration and his larger than life spirit. He was always laughing even in the face of danger. Many people in climbing community knew him, so I am passing the word around in case you have not heard. The funeral is on Tuesday July 7th, 2009 from 5 - 7 pm at Salata - Gurnee Funeral Home 4190 Old Grand Ave, Gurnee, IL - (847) 244-1155 There is a service to follow at 7pm. Thank You Dmitriy Litvak dmit.litvak-gmail
  4. Sent you a PM. Could not find your email.
  5. Climbing Thurs 8/21-Fri 8/22

    We met in the Index parking lot. Mari and Eric were there. You climbed with Eric. I did with Mari. I am on a road trip, staying in seattle. Call me 847-4145202
  6. Visiting Seattle. Looking to climb. I can lead in 5.10 range. 847-4145202
  7. I am on the road. Need a partner in July. Open to destinations most anywhere West, Northwest and Canada. Tetons, Bugaboos, some cragging. Best is to cell me at 847-4145202 or dmit.litvak on gmail
  8. My car is small, but plans are big I am going to be on the road for 2-3 months, starting end of April. I am driving from Chicago to Indian Creek, Utah on April 22nd. I will stay in IC for a week. Thereafter, my plans are opened and partner/place dependent. I am heading West and North. Possible sequence is Red Rocks, Yossemite, Oregon/Washington, Squamish, Alaska (?), Devils Tower in Wy, RMNP Colorado (Longs peak). So, I will need partners. The only issue, as mentioned, I have a 4-Door Honda Civic. It is a little claustrophobic Ability-wise, lead upto low 5.10 on trad and low 5.11 sport (day and place dependent). Do some ice, but prefer more rock. Don't have aid experience, but willing to learn. Followed the Nose. Mail me directly if u r serious. I have gmail.com account. My id is dmit.litvak Thanks
  9. Partner for Last Summer of Freedom

    I PMed you. Look.
  10. Need a partner. Free climb 9s and 10s in Yose. Would not mind learning some aid. Serious inquiries via dlitva1@uic.edu Have plane ticket for Sept 3d! Dmitriy
  11. Going to Yosemite September 3-16. Will need a partner who knows aid. May go the Nose or other thing depending on experience. serious commitment email: dlitva1@uic.edu
  12. Climbing Sphinx via Regular Route 16 pitches with 2 5.11- pitches passable on aid. (I'd love to free them, but will see) Here is the pic from the last attempt: http://www.cascadeclimbers.com/plab/showphoto.php?photo=7934&sort=1&cat=500&page=1 Can commit after June 20th till July 1-4th? Can do something fun in Paron valley for acclimatization? Artesonraju? Serious replies via email: dlitva1@uic.edu
  13. A friend took this picture at Whistler ski resort. Do you know what peak it is and if there is a guidebook? Thanks Dima
  14. mchale sarc pack

    Selling McHale pack http://www.mchalepacks.com/packs/detail/super_sarc.htm 2 years old, but in very good conditions. It is red and black. Their measure of spine is 17.5. Want $200 o.b.o. Really strong expedition pack. email dlitva1 @ uic . edu if interested !
  15. Yes I have an accent, but I still could say "on belay" and "belay off" without it As to my style: it comes from inexperience. When you don't have experience, you try to do it the way you know best. You would not be in a hurry to do it differently (especially on a lead).
  16. Need a partner this weekend to go up North Ridge and possibly Coleman Headwall conditions dependent. Will be in Seattle Thursday night, having flight back on Tuesday 12:05 am email dlitva1@uic.edu soon Experienced partner preferred. D.
  17. July 9-14 climbing.

    check your pm
  18. Sorry, but I'd need someone till monday.
  19. Ok. Some more. Maybe somebody has a good plan other than Baker too. My partner bailed out just this moment and I already bought a plane ticket, bummer. Write and we may discuss.
  20. McHale expedition pack

    Selling McHale exp. pack Super Inex CM Alpine II Bayonet. http://www.mchalepacks.com/packs/detail/SU_InexCM_alp2.htm Used lightly 3 years; in original clean, bomb-proof condition. Good for approaches too, can be folded into alpine pack with Byonet stakes out (though a bit heavy for alpine). Pack is primarily ment for expedition climbing, which I do not do a whole lot. picture: except the front is black, not grey. Asking $300 (paid around $700 orig) Will email my measurements to interested. for serious reply, email dlitva1@uic.edu Accept returns if shipping is paid. Based in Midwest.
  21. scarpa inverno boots

    New, out of the box. Asking $150 or best offer. email dlitva1@uic.edu if interested
  22. scarpa inverno boots

    Please email me your size and I will check it at home for sure. Those were not bought by me, but by a friend. It looked like 9.5 - 10 range.
  23. hydration

    I was going to Yosemite to do something long. What is the best hydration system people use. Saw a set of Platypuses; will they work?
  24. I must have overtrained my fingers one week. My fingers hurt quite a bit then and I could not climb well. So, I started weight training, taping fingers together, limiting load on them. I have done it for about 5-6 weeks slowly introducing easy climbing towards the end. My fingers feel ok now, but there is some residual pain in the joints of some fingers which refuses to go away. Once I start climbing back it becomes a little worth every time. On the left hand, the bad-language finger audibly cracks when I bend it towards my palm. Any ideas?