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  1. The Red and Brown Route TR

    You have the postage, Send it!
  2. Fun Things To Do In Bellingham

    that stretch of beach is one of the coolest places in town. there was at one point two big sailboat shipwreckes on top of eachother this spring. THEN hit golf balls off the top of the bluffs at the secret location, with the thousands of balls you stole from the driving range the night before. But you guys forgot to go slackline at boulavard park.
  3. i'm a...

    Confuscious say: never play leapfrog with a unicorn!
  4. Early Season Ice!

    lotso waterfall ice on the north side of baker. colofax was covered with it. there is almost no snow up there too, nothing even made it over the top of the boots.
  5. The Wrong Stuff

    "Sorry, washington is a dry state now, no booze for miles."
  6. Gear Trivia Question

    how did the band "steely dan" get its name????
  7. Penis Reduction

    reduction, hell I just found a way to make my penis 12 inches. all i had to do was fold it in half
  8. watcom creek stupidity

    dawned drysuit, pads, brain bucket, lifejacket, and inflated the inertube to floated watcom falls creek yesterday at huge floodstage. sweetest thing to do in bellingham in the rain. it was crazier than any class 5 ive done in a raft. shoud have seen the looks on the fishermans faces when we came out.
  9. smith this weekend?

    My ass you didnt puke inside, it looked like a can of chef boyardee exploded on the step by the side doors. haha. As for the nialist, TUNN DOON DA MUZAK OR VE VILL CUT OFF YO JHONSON, VILE VERING VOMANS PANTIES AND JUMING THROO FIRE DA!