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    Sliding down snow on plank(s); it's all good. Shuddup and slide!

    So Ecock can't see you?
  3. debate fodder: lots of new climbers

    I dunno, Matt, I interpret this as he was aiming it towards climbers, ie, me. Maybe I'm way off base, but I doubt it.
  4. Telemarkers...

    Said as a true telemarker!
  5. debate fodder: lots of new climbers

    well cracked, one might, instead of saying what you said, be enticed to state his rationale for climbing to discredit my statement. instead, you just look defensive. why are you so angered by what i have to say? cheer up. its just a BBS. Scott, you indirectly insult most of the people on this board by believing that you can explain their motivations in a most condescending manner. Once again, speak for yourself, not for me. Why I climb? Fuck, because it's fun, plain and simple. I'm wondering where your 'conquering' bullshit came from. How does one 'conquer' a hunk of rock? What annoys me is your condescension, the fact that you think you know who I am, what I do, why I do it, and whatever you do is pure and perfect. 'Lighten up'? You're the one who brought religion into the debate, with your pious whining about your remorse for lifting biners, yet in the same breath chastising the rest of us for our 'destructive' behaviors. Pathetic.
  6. debate fodder: lots of new climbers

    You know, Scott, I was writing a longer reply in response to your stupidity, but then I realized that it wasn't worth my time. PS how is climbing 'conquering' anything? No, climbing doesn't bring us anything of value, and yes, it's fundamentally dangerous, but don't even begin to think that you can speak for my motivations. Fuck off. PPS

    No doubt. It's easy to eliminate his presence at a Pube Club for instance. Just make it too far for him to bicycle to. Don't get snart now. Otherwise he'll start a thread to show how stupid he is again.
  8. debate fodder: lots of new climbers

    perhaps this is the problem. we as humans cannot accept the fact that we are limited. What have we done to obstacles in the past? Natives? Naughty rivers? why, in this postmodern world should the vertical realm be any different. Conquer at any cost is the one statement that has defined our species and i guess i am naieve to assume that you shit flingers can see your destructive deeply seeded need to conquer anything and everything just because you can. no longer do we do these thigns for money or power, but the need to ocnquer is so permeated in our species that we do it mechanically without any reason. in the in the in the 1800's it was to gain money and power. Now the rational is 'cause its there man.' You are full of shit.
  9. debate fodder: lots of new climbers

    I was wondering why this was still in the Climbers' Board.
  10. what up

  11. what up

  12. debate fodder: lots of new climbers

    why not? because they are harder to ignore? harder to rationalize? harder to follow? Because your 'ethics' are so incredibly simplistic and senseless that anyone with half a brain doesn't listen to you. Drop the holier than thou bullshit and try to take a look around. If you're so perfect why are you wasting your precious time spraying on this board...go feed some starving kids or AIDS patients, Father Teresa. It's obvious how hypocritical you are, and it's starting to make me sick.
  13. debate fodder: lots of new climbers

    Is all this shit really worth wasting our time on? This thread has significantly lowered my opinion of Scott, and that's all it achieved. We're not saying anything new and/or relevant anymore. This is getting stupid.
  14. Skin question

    Ascension sells glue.