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  1. Rate the 5.9!

    Silly girl!
  2. Ingalls Peak Approach

    Totally free of snow. All you need is sneakers.
  3. Happy MLK Day!

    He is an honest man! Model Citizen. All Hail Thesis-Cheater! We should have a Malcom X day instead.
  4. Ever notice how

    spray resembles bathroom graffiti? I think there's a lesson to be learned here.....
  5. skiing and getting high

    Werd. There should be more options. Here ya go, wanker: Skiing and gettting HIGH!Yes, I ski AND get high.No, I don't ski AND I don't get high.I don't ski, but I get high.I don't ski and I don't get high.
  6. chatter?

  7. chatter?

    You really ARE an assparrot!
  8. chatter?

    Hmmm. Says it can't connect to the server. No idea. Chat is for losers anyway.
  9. I fucking hate

    Jesus Christ dru, fix the size of the photo using HTML. You've fucked the entire thread up, jackass.
  10. opinions on ski crampons

  11. Cracked is....

    Beck, it's obvious that you know less than nothing about technical climbing. Go fuck your two (imagined) girlfriends in their asses, or organize another assfest. Try spouting off about something you understand.
  12. chatter?

    Someone's using your avatar name. No worries.
  13. Cracked is....

    What was the bad beta? "Chicks dig old spice" "Talk about your dick alot" "Tell them how great you are in bed" "Hit on other girls to make them think you're aloof, they dig that" "Grab her ass as she opens the door for you"
  14. wow!

    Good one, veggie!
  15. Another reason Hollywood blows….

    i thought i told you all not to see that waste of a movie?? tsk tsk tsk