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  1. [TR] The Tooth - South Face 8/8/2008

    You people are just amazing!
  2. Sleeping bag on Denali

    your 0 degree bag may work if it zips together with your climbing partner's sleeping bag.
  3. Happy Birthday, MisterE!

    Happy birthday big boy. I love you man.
  4. Joke

    Who's bringing the strap-on?
  5. Joke

    Don't you people climb with gin and juice?
  6. Joke

    Joke for the morons! A guys walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a shot of gin. Bartender notices this guy has a speech impedament and decides I'm going to have some fun. Bartender says, we have three kinds of gin, nitrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen; which would you like? The hairlip thought for a moment and replied, "is that so bartender, well there are three kinds of turds, mustard, custard, and you ya big shit." Get it?
  7. Iran Calls the Bluff

    Will Strickland now giving investment advise, is he God or the next Warren Buffet?
  8. If the Terrorists Don't kill You...

    Been their, done that, either you kill or be killed.
  9. Iran Calls the Bluff

    Iran and DPRK are conspiring at this very moment to nuke the USA. Will Strickland please help us!
  10. Iran Calls the Bluff

    How much military experience does Mr. Strickland really have? Another cc.comer with all the answers.
  11. Worst Approach, Worst Descent

    Some where in Asia if I remember correctly. Vietnam might have been my worst descent and extrication.
  12. R.I.P. Jim

    He died in the line of duty maybe 3 or 4 months ago. Trying to scan a climbing pic of him and upload. Some of you cc.comers probably know him. One hell of a great guy. Doug
  13. R.I.P. Jim

    One of the best climbing partners anyone could wish for.
  14. Alone on Thanksgiving?

    Love ya man, only a matter of time before the US prevails and you return home.
  15. RNC protesters =

    What about the undercover NYC detective that was beat to a pulp by protesters and unconscious in a hospital.