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  1. Does anyone know where I can get a pair or La Sportiva Trango Ice EVO on sale ? I did a search and all I can come up with is $380 retail. I would settle for a pair of NEPAL EVO GTX if I could get those for a deal somewhere instead but I really want the Ice's. Size 47 Also does anyone have any feedback on the Ice EVO's ???
  2. I agree with Clintoris. You guys sound like a bunch of whiney fucks. At what level do you have to climb before you can be happy about your accomplishments ???
  3. Yes, I have an altitude tent. What do you want to know ???
  4. Making your own Gu sounds ridiculous. Why not just use Hammer gel ? Its better than Gu anyway and much cheaper (if you know how to order it)
  5. Not really bumper stickers but sayings accross the windshield 1. on a beige honda accord " make em cream " 2. on a lowered pickup "praise the lowered" 3. on a tinted out piece of shit "pimpin aint cash" 4. on another honda accord "according to me" 5. on a junky pickup "princess of the pines" 6. on a old blue camaro "da other girl" 7. and my all time favorite, again on a jalopy "caught cha lookin" i saw this car all the time and then 2 months later in the back window she put "thats twice"
  6. Ade, I agree with you 100%. There is alittle more to it then just this post. I'm about 95% of the way to having partners set up. More than anything I want to hear from anyone heading to Denali this year and share some thoughts. Maybe there is someone else out there who would like to climb the mtn this way but who's partners have had to back out for one reason or another. If we hook up great, if not, thats fine too.
  7. I am right on the border of fitting into a Nuptse size 47. They do fit but I would be much happier in 47 1/2 but 47 is the largest size made. How much will this boot stretch or pack out ?
  8. OK OK OK So let's get this officially figured out. WHO IS STILL LOOKING FOR A PARTNER(S) FOR DENALI ???? Here is what I am proposing . * Be on the mountain the last week of May until second week of June. * Acclimate at the 14k camp on the W. Butt. * If weather is cooperative, make a run for the summit from 14k. this serves 3 purposes 1. gives 2 cracks at the summit 2. acclimate for the W Rib 3. allows us to scout out the descent for the W Rib. * After a few rest days, we do the entire W. Rib in a light (relatively speaking)strong push Let's get some emails and phone calls going, so we can get this done.
  9. Does anyone know the distance to the start of the W. RIb from the intersection of the Kahiltna Glacier and the NE Fork ? Amount of time to travel that distance ?
  10. What kind of glue did you use to keep them in place ? hot glue ??? Where can I get it ? What is it ? I just grinded alittle less off of my fangs than what you did and it seems like its going to work well. They do move alittle bit though, so i cant see getting away without the glue part.
  11. Can anyone recommend a micro fiber softshell for really high output activity ? Being super breathable is my main concern.
  12. Has anyone been able to get a pinky rest onto a pair of Black Diamond Cobras ??? I saw a guy with a perfect plastic pinky rest on his, that he said he got from pair of Vipers. When I tried it out in a store it wouldnt fit no matter what I did.
  13. johnkelley - you pretty much summed up my thoughts exactly with the summit pack contents. Like I said, I was leaning towards a -20 bag. I just wanted to be 100% sure my 0 bag wouldn't cut it first.
  14. * Updating an old thread * So has anybody used these boots ?
  15. Unless something changes my mind I see no reason to trudge alot of equipment up to 17k, after acclimating at 14k. My run up the W Butt is pretty much for acclimating for the W Rib a few days later. So, yes I do have the strength to go from 14k to the summit. * Griz - I do appreciate your concern but the picture is alittle uncalled for to make your point. * johnkelley - I'm guessing guys packed the basics for your summit attempt?
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