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  1. The route on the cleaver is established and there are fixed lines on the traverse and partway up the spine.
  2. [TR] MT Stuart - Full North Ridge 7/28/2012

    As of 8/2/12 there is only one number 4 stuck in the off-width.
  3. [TR] Chair Peak - 12/4/2010

    Trip: Chair Peak - Date: 12/4/2010 Trip Report: Skied up to the Chair Peak col just to check it out. Conditions were stable, but the most recent snow is over a slight crust and will be forming a little slab as it gets sun this weekend. I'd be concerned about climbing the upper slopes.
  4. BD Coulior Harness: review

    I got one this spring and used it mostly for ski mountaineering. It's comfortable to walk in; you almost forget it's there. I liked it enough that I started to use it on easy alpine rock routes too. In my mind, this is an Alpine Bod killer--half the weight, half the size and you get a belay loop. Good harness.
  5. US Size 10.5 Scarpa Inverno. Warm boots, lightly used--no more than 10 days in the last two years. The boot is not heavily scuffed. The soles and the liners are in fine shape. $150
  6. Index or Darrington Friday

    PM sent
  7. Help! K2 Shuksan vs. Mt. Baker

    I've got the Baker Super Lights and I really like them. I used them about 45 days this season as both my inbouds/slackcountry ski and my touring/ski mountaineering ski. For backcountry applications, you can't beat them, especially considering their weight. I wish they were a little stiffer for the inbounds riding, but the normal Mt Baker would fit that bill. I have no experience with the Shuksan, but hte Mt. Baker has a versitile and fun geometry, which I would recomend.
  8. Hey tazz, Thanks for the video! I can't blame you for taking pictures with light like that...I wish I had taken more. Hopefully we'll bump into each other again out there.
  9. Nice video! It was good to meet you guys up there. I'm the guy you dubbed "fast-skinning-guy". A good weekend indeed, with perfect weather. Here are some of my pictures from the weekend: http://picasaweb.google.com/petey5287/EnchatmentsSkiTrip5232509#
  10. Mt Baker - Road to Coleman closed for the season

    It's a pretty gnarly washout. Here's a picture from 5/20/09
  11. first ski descent [TR] J - burg - CJ couloir ski 4/15/2009

    Very beautiful indeed! Congrats on checking off a long standing goal--those are the most satisfying objectives.
  12. What size pack needed for rainier DC?

    I'd say a 45-60L pack is about the right size to cover you for most 1-3 day trips. You can go smaller, but I have found 50L to be a very versatile size.
  13. do mythos rock shoes stretch?

    Yeah, mine stretched about a half size after one day climbing in hot weather.
  14. Recommendations for my first trad lead

    My first lead was Clamshell Crack at Clamshell Cave in Icicle Creek. It's a hand crack. I think 5.7.
  15. Advice please: need new AT ski gear

    I'm on Garmont Megarides, K2 Baker Superlights, and dynafits and I love them. For all forms of uphill travel dynafit is the way to go--they are several pounds lighter than anything else. The dynafits have excellent control when skiing the steeps, and the release reasonably well. A couple of days of using them in bounds made my concerns about their release ability disappear and you can always lock out the toe in situations where you can't risk a ski coming off. The downside is the changing modes, but the slight inconvenience is made up for by the substantial weight savings.