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  1. Sky Pilot Gear?

    Thanks. That's exactly the sort of thing that I'm looking for.
  2. I'm heading to Sky Pilot tomorrow morning with the plan of climbing everything that I can in a two days before returning to family life. I've never been to the area before so I'd like to know what the glacier is like. Crampons? Axe? Can you just skirt around it? Will other gullies in the area be snow/ice free by now? Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
  3. I hiked most of Washington in 2000 and climbed Glacier, Adams, and Rainier along the way. Send me a PM with questions since I don't visit very often.
  4. I have to put in a couple hours of trail work in order to meet some requirements for a trail running race and I'd like to know if anyone has any suggestions for trails that could use a bit of TLC. I'd like to be able to log a few hours here and there after work and I live and work in Vancouver. I also need to complete the trailwork by June 29, so nothing that's under snow at the moment. My thoughts so far are: - brushing out the approach trail to Mt. Harvey. I haven't been here for a couple years, so for all I know someone could have beaten me to it. - widening some of the eroded slopes on the Baden Powell between Grouse and St. Georges Any other ideas?
  5. [TR] Mt. Baker - Coleman/Deming 6/4/2011

    Where did the snow start? i.e. where can you start skiing?
  6. Jones fracture

    I have chipped that bone or something similar on both feet, though it sounds like your fracture is much more serious than mine were. No casts or crutches, though for one of them they wanted to put a cast on after a week. It was feeling good by then so I opted out. I was walking somewhat normally after a couple weeks. One chip happened in the fall and the other in the winter so I was back climbing the next season. I think that I changed the way I jam since the chips and I get twinges every once in a while when I foot jam or do something else strenuous to my feet. My experiences are probably about as good as you can expect considering the relative seriousness of each of our injuries. Good luck with your recovery.
  7. Shuksan (Sulphide) road?

    I don't know what 24" bar means, but all we had was a 6" hand saw and we probably could have made it through all the trees given enough time and motivation. So if you have 24" of anything I'm sure you'll be fine.
  8. Shuksan (Sulphide) road?

    We walked from mile 2.5 on the Shannon Creek road on April 26 due to trees, but would have started at mile 3 if we brought a better saw. At that time, snow was patchy until ~0.5 miles to the trailhead and we had our skis on for the rest of the way (skinning across some bald spots here and there). I think that someone posted up some more recent conditions in the North Cascades section, but I couldn't find the post again. They got stopped by the same tree and had somewhat patchier snow. Sounds like the snow in the clear cut at the end of the road is going fast. Have fun.
  9. Anyone know of any lawsuits?

    Try contacting Matt Gunn, who wrote "Scrambles in Southwest British Columbia". Cairn Publishing I know that he put some thought into liability while he was writing his guide.
  10. ok. Just called the ranger. Downed tree at about 1/4 mile. The road is snow free for ~1.5 miles from the Baker Lake Road. Thanks for the help.
  11. According to bivouac.com, the Shannon Creek Road is only 4.5 miles long and according to the National Forest website, the Baker Lake Road should be open to the branch with the Shannon Creek Road. So 4.5 miles is as far as I'm expecting to skin on roads. Is your estimate based on a more typical snow year?
  12. I went up Garibaldi via Brohm Ridge last year in late June and the snow line was at about the level of the gate. There's way less snow this year, so I expect the road will clear up sooner, but probably not quite yet. See trip report for conditions here Garibaldi NE Face TR
  13. Anyone have any info on the conditions of Shannon Creek Road? Specifically where the road stops and the snow begins. I checked on the national forest site and as of April 9 it's listed as "snow", which doesn't give me a lot of info. I'd like to head up Shuksan on skis via the Sulfide Glacier this weekend, so if anyone has any suggestions, info, spray, etc. let it fly. B
  14. Need an obscure knot

    A nice, simple one that is also useful in everyday life is a modification to the regular bow that you use to tie your shoelaces. Pretty much just wrap twice instead of once just before finishing the bow. The added friction of the 2nd wrap means that your shoelaces stay tied, but you can also untie them easily when you want. http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/betterbowknot.htm
  15. Dru

    The pic didn't show up for my computer either but if you right click, copy the link url, then go to it you'll see it. The Chinese Puzzle Wall seems to get the most "OMG WTF is that thing" traffic around. Somebody has to go climb it one of these days.