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  1. Looking for one tool with hammer head, such as BD prophet, live in Richland.
  2. Would you sell just one? How much to ship to Richland, WA.?
  3. A little more beta. The route took me 8.5 hrs to the summit. Two hrs. from the trailhead to where I camped, and 6.5 hrs. from my camp to the summit. I'm not real fast, but steady. It is non-technical and there was about 2,000 vertical feet of loose scree in the middle of the ridge. The last 2000' was snow covered.
  4. Trip: Mount Adams - North Ridge Date: 7/23/2011 Trip Report: The road to Killen Creek trailhead opened last week. I went up to do the North Ridge. The Killen Creek Trail was snow covered from 5000' elevation. Compass required. Here are a few photos. Adams in the evening. The North Ridge Route. North Ridge Route from the base. Goats on the Lava Glacier. Later, on the North Ridge. North Ridge, middle section. North Ridge, upper section. Adams Glacier. Adams Glacier. Summit plateau. I passed a lone skier while on the way down. Mount St. Helens. Mount Hood. Mount Rainier. Gear Notes: crampons, axe. Approach Notes: I got good directions from the Randle ranger station when I called to check road status.
  5. Hey guys, I climbed the Cascadian Couloir yesterday and ran into a couple climbers, Ben and Jeremy I think. I was about 1000' below you and took a few pics of you guys on the snowfield below the false summit. Nice work on 1 1/2 hrs. sleep. Bruce
  6. The snow starts about a mile from the th.
  7. Trip: Mt. Baker - Coleman/Deming Date: 6/4/2011 Trip Report: I was up on Mt. Baker this weekend with about 50 other climbers and another 50 or so skiers. Weather was great, a little warm, but clear skies with little wind. Brad and I got an early start on Saturday, and reached the campsites at 6000' around 11am. What to do with 10 hours of daylight left? Brad mentioned building a snow shelter while on another trip, but not using it. I suggested we build one to try it out. And so for the next four hours we took turns digging. I felt like I was twelve years old, smiling from ear to ear. When we finished with our shelter we spent a couple hours reviewing glacier travel and crevasse rescue technique. Still 4 hours of daylight left. We got up at dawn, after a good nights sleep in our snow shelter. We were on the snow when the sun came over the ridge. It took us about 5 hours to reach the summit. Snow was perfect on the way up. There were a lot of climbers in front of us and as many behind. On the way down we started postholing around 7000'. We glissaded the last few hundred feet to our camp at 6000'. After picking up around camp, we postholed and glissaded down to the trees, where the snow was much firmer, and the walk out was pretty fast. The climbing wasn't to difficult, the snow shelter was memorable. The view from 6000' camp Our snow shelter Brad takes a break. Sunset Settled in for the night Other tents at the 6000' el. View on the way up The final headwall Summit views The descent One last look.
  8. "post-holing and a few nose dives along the way." Good stuff, I was up there a couple weeks ago, with snowshoes, and took a few nose dives myself. Thanks for the update.
  9. Snow at the th. on and off. Even some patches on the road to the th.
  10. Interested also. Send details please. Timeframe?
  11. Little Beirut, I stopped at the Leavenworth ranger station to inquire about the road. I was told by the person on duty at that time the road was closed to all traffic, including foot traffic, while work was being done. I did not use the other road because I did not want to chance crossing over any private property, so, I started the hike in at 5am, well before the crew started work. I came out at 8pm Friday, after the road crew was done for the day. I did see a truck at the Stuart Lake th. Not sure how they got there.
  12. Thanks, it's a beautiful area back there.
  13. Trip: Colchuck Peak - Colchuck glacier Date: 5/20/2011 Trip Report: I know this route has been written about many times before, but at least the photos will show current snow cover. I am stoked to have finally summited something after moving here eight months ago. My plan was to summit both Dragontail and Colchuck, but when I reached the Dragontail ridge I could not see the route across, so I retreated to the Colchuck col and followed someone elses ski and boot track to the summit of Colchuck. I left my camp by the lake around 7.30am. Temps were in the forties. Conditions were good on the glacier. The snow chute to Dragontail ridge was more difficult, in my opinion. Warmer temps and softer snow made the descent back to Colchuck col easier. From there it was an easy hike to Colchuck summit. I glissaded most of the way back to the lake. Dragontail Colchuck Route to Pandoras Box Mt Rainier Dragontail from Pandoras box Boot track up the West route of Dragontail Mt Stuart View to the North Route up Colchuck Gear Notes: Crampons and ice axe. Approach Notes: Approach from Stuart Lake TH and Colchuck Lake trail. NOTE: The Icicle Crek road is closed at eight mile campground. I hiked in from the campground. They are making good progress on the road. I can't believe the size of some of the boulders they have cleared from there.
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