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  1. Hey all, I've got some stuff to get rid of. Patagucci, marmot, 686, first ascent. It's all on my blog, cuz that's the easiest way to post pics. The gear is here It's turned into a revolving sale as I find more stuff I don't use anymore. Feel free to check back later. I'll be adding some classic Boreal climbing shoes and nuts soon!
  2. Camp Muir Redevelopment comment period

    I also urge people to comment on this issue. I guide for RMI and would like to offer my humble views on a few things. 1. Camp Muir is a very high use area, and will only become more high use in the future. We need to plan accordingly. 2. The guide hut/client shelter IS ugly. I sleep in it all summer and I'd love to see something else as well. 3. Guides and clients stay at Ingraham Flats in order to relieve congestion at Muir. 4. If you want to climb the DC I would think you understand that it is the most crowded route on the mountain. It can be a total circus. I've seen 20 unguided rope teams at a time on the cleaver in addition to the guided groups. Come with that expectation. There's a lot of wilderness routes on the mountain, the DC is just not one of them. 5. I'd love to see a new public shelter that accommodates enough people that sleeping on the Cowlitz is unnecessary. Let's centralize sleeping and cooking for everyone on to the ridge. Honestly, I say let's get a gondola in there, put in a big Euro hut, with hot tubs, some draft beer, and massage therapists! Hopefully this gets people thinking and participating in the process, whether you agree with me or not. Cheers!
  3. Mondays and Tuesdays

    I live in North Bend and have mondays and tuesdays off from work. I'd like to get out on some local stuff like the N. Face of Chair, stuff on Snoqualmie mountain, and also try some winter stuff in the N. Cascades and Enchantments. If interested email me at levikepsel@yahoo.com.
  4. The Lasers are an older model, good condition. They fit a size 11 and are too big for my size 10 foot. I put a stiffer tongue on them to improve downhill performance. $45 Pants sold! will trade boots for pins, angles, random iron... Make an offer you can pm me, or email levikepsel@yahoo.com or call 4 three five 6 three zero 8 six seven four. I have some pics posted at my blog: levikepsel.blogspot.com
  5. My 1st season of Ice and Alpine

    Philip, I'm in Seattle for the winter and I'd love to hit a bunch of those routes, hit me up when you're making plans. levikepsel@gmail.com L
  6. Another option is to contact a local AMGA certified guide. There's a lot of them in the area. You can find them through the AMGA website. Spend a couple days picking their brains for exactly what you want to know. Most AMGA guides work for a local company, AAI's, IMG, RMI, etc, but do private instruction as well. Totally worth your time and money.
  7. Looking for a room!

    Will do, Lee.
  8. Looking for a room!

    Hey All, I moved up to the Northwest from SLC to work on Rainier this summer. The season is over and I'm landing in Seattle. I'm looking for a room, or a closet, or a semi-heated garage or a driveway space with toilet/shower privileges. I'm mostly clean, mostly quiet, and mostly employed (that's also my pickup line at the bars). I figure I'd rather get a room from here with climbers than from The Craigslist. Looking for mid October. Let me know if you can help! Thanks This might not be the right subforum. Moderator help?