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  1. Climb/Hike underwear?

    I guess I should add that I also love sheep.
  2. Climb/Hike underwear?

    I love wool. Ibex, Smartwool... I just talked with this guy at Patagonia - they're offering a wool line this coming winter. That Merino is the bomb. Relatively heavy, though, when stacked up against Capilene.
  3. Mosquito Sonic doo-dads

    No offense to Gary for quoting the Annals of Internal Medicine, but when it comes to bugs, I'll go with entomologist's studies. http://www.rci.rutgers.edu/~insects/proprom.htm
  4. Sooo....... What did you do this weekend.......

    Friday drove up into the Giff Pinch with my 3 y/o and my 7 y/o to climb around on Pinto Rock. Got the vanagon stuck in the snow and had to be pulled out by a couple from Wisconsin. Camped off the road. Saturday, got up and cleared camp. Drove to Smith Rock where there is NO SNOW. (I'll try to cross post a route report letting you all know that there is NO SNOW at Smith Rock). Climbed the rock with the boys. Sunday climbed some more, my 7 y/o left blood on the rock. What a stud, but there is now a piece of dancer that is now his BITCH. Sunday night drove back to Portland put the boys and the dog to bed - exhausted. Need a beer.
  5. Skis @ St. Helens

    Well, by golly after I read this I drove straight over to that mother son's house and kicked his ass hard. You are all so incredibly right that I just don't know what I could say to that boy to make him understand how wrong he was to leave those skis up there. If he doesn't learn to have some gratitude for the time that he gets to spend outdoors, the least he could do is learn to have a little bit of respect for the time that other folk spend outdoors. Anyway after I talked with him about it he said they were K2s and he had left them at Timberline in the parking lot. Oh well... he probably needed an ass kicking anyway. I told him that he shouldn't be leaving anything in a beautiful and pristine environment like Mt. Hood's Timberline lodge parking lot, but frankly, boys, the whole joy of lecturing him had sort of worn off by then. Sorry for the miscommunication.
  6. [TR] Sisters- Pole Creek Trail 2/4/2004

    No, but I didn't really get close enough to the vertical stuff to see anything that you might like.
  7. Climb: Sisters-Pole Creek Trail Date of Climb: 2/4/2004 Trip Report: We drove over from Portland and got to Sisters in the afternoon. The weather looked great with clear skies coming and no chance of precip until Friday we figured we had three days of good weather. We took FR 15 south from Hwy 242 as far as we could (3 miles) which left us with snowshoes 8 miles from the Pole Creek trail head. We slept in the Vanagon and, after packing, left the next morning around 0930. For the first six miles or so we had six inches of powder over very old snowmobile tracks. After that we were passed by seven snowmobiles and followed those tracks for the last two miles to the trailhead. Completely exhausted, we pitched tents and crawled in. Our plan was to leave the tents and sleeping bags and follow the Pole Creek drainage up above the timber line then choose an approach for the North Sister. We would have light packs and would make a speed run up and down then back to the tents before dark. We left camp at 0800, but as soon as we stepped off the Forest Road, I was dropping in about 8 Gear Notes: shoulda had a snowmobile maybe skis would have worked, I don't ski enough to know. Approach Notes: FR 15 is plowed for two of the eleven miles to Pole Creek Trail Head. Pole Creek Trail (96) is unmarked and under about 10 feet of snow, I would reccommend using geo features such as creek drainage for landmarks.
  8. Rainier Feb 3-8

    Anyone want to go?
  9. Moving sale part 3: Laptop for trade - #2 Camalot

    www.laptopbattery.net ...just glancing, looks like more than a #2 Camalot... but then, I don't climb much with those thingies.
  10. Skis @ St. Helens

    My nephew left a pair of skis at the bottom of worm flows on 12/20... He had a shitty ride down and said that he would be (and I quote here) "godfuckingtripledogdamned if [he was] going to carry these skis another foot." He also asked that if I saw a post similar to this one that I write and offer you "a shitty pair of boots to go with them." Anyway... you didn't happen to find a piss yellow nalgene up there did you? anth
  11. Say Goodbye to Frostbite

    "Goodbye, Frostbite." (was there anything else I was supposed to say?)
  12. Approach Skis

    thanks, all. I'll check it out.
  13. Drying my down bag

    this man hasn't got a wife... he used his bed. Dorm room. oh man... your killing me...
  14. Approach Skis

    Has anyone used these? Someone recommended the K2 Asendor? But no one in Portland seems to have them. I tried Next Adventure (useless, rude) OMC (useless, polite) and The Mountain Shoppe (exceptionally sexy, one rental pair, useless, exceptionally sexy, polite, exceptionally sexy)
  15. Drying my down bag

    this man hasn't got a wife... he used his bed.