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  1. Seattle Pub Club 1/14/03

    OK- i don't want to be the brunette on Trask's arm but North End would be good. Some place in Edmonds or North maybe. Do you guys ever do these things on the East side?
  2. Tim Eyman is evil

    But my real question is this: Gov. Locke wants to ignore the initiative that requires pay raises for teachers in order to balance his budget. Why can't he choose to disregard Eyman's initiative instead? Dumb question i'm sure but i'm really curious.
  3. Tim Eyman is evil

    I remember hearing that stat too. I've always wondered whether it was an accounting 1 billion or a cash 1 billion. hmmmm... Another question: I can't remember did the initiative for teacher pay raises provide a method of funding? Is this possibly why Locke can ignore it. Yes I know I could look this up and I should remember the details but I'm just lazy today.
  4. Tim Eyman is evil

    I happen to think that there shouldn't be a deliniation between Eyman's initiatives and the pay raise for teacher's initiative. The voter's have approved all of the above. It just strikes me that since Locke is making a huge production about how we're all going to have to sacrifice right now in these lean times that he should consider all of the options. If you're going to ignore one initiative why not also ignore another. Raise car tabs. Adjust property tax for inflation....whatever. I just don't thinkt that teacher's should get shafted b/c Tim Eyman own his testicles. Of course the budget for this period increased. It always does. I'd cheer if he figured out how to actually reduce the budget but I'm a realist. I know that's not going to happen. The problem is that the budget has increased, the state needs more money, and there are better ways to creatively address the issue than only ignoring one initiative. It's not even enough to make up the shortfall Was the billion dollar surplus based on failed budget predictions or was it actual cash in the bank? I'm unsure of this.
  5. Battle of the Sexes

    i enjoy delayed gratification. i can touch anything i want when it arrives at my door.

    Getting back to Erik's topic. This whole thing is just obsurd. The kid's sure going to have a skewed view of reality. I truly hope that his b-ball career is kind to him b/c if not the real word sure is going to be a shock! As for SUVs i have no solid opinion. Situational ethics all the way!

    http://www.tnr.com/doc.mhtml?i=20030120&s=easterbrook012003 This is a loooooooooong article. I won't comment on my position.
  8. Tim Eyman is evil

    ok then...being the stubborn creature that I am I want to know what the legal explanation is. It torques me off. No offense I'm not really concerned about the teacher's in particular. I just want to know how/why the voter's can so readily disregarded. I respect his stance on the issue but I still have that nagging question. I can't listen to KVI or any other radio right now b/c some rat bastard stole my stereo out of my rig! I wish the creep would at least give me back on piece of my ID. OOPS-i'm bitter and ranting sorry!
  9. What would Caveman eat?

    how can you consider a fascination w/beer bizarre?
  10. Tim Eyman is evil

    i hate to be a pest (ok i'm lying) but can anyone answer my question?
  11. Remember dorm panty raids in college?

    me or paula A?? Trask i think you better ask muffy to use her card cause i only pay my own way
  12. Battle of the Sexes

    Very good trask! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO -minx (just following the herd)
  13. Battle of the Sexes

    Trask, I'd have to actually marry my ISO AND lose my job AND have credit card debt for any of that to be true. Sorry you're wrong again (or should I say as usual )
  14. Battle of the Sexes

    hey i can browse every store in the mall, online, in the time it takes me to drive there!
  15. Battle of the Sexes

    are you people nuts? smart women just order it online! that leaves more time for
  16. Snow conditions on Chair peak

    20'' might be a bit of a stretch but I know first hand there were at least 15'' down just a little lower.
  17. Snow conditions on Chair peak

    what fleblebleb said Keep your eye on the weather reports. We snow showed the approach Weds and Thurs of last week no prob.
  18. Battle of the Sexes

    RobBob- contrary to current belief I don't get offended over everything. Women are not men...thank goodness. Let the battle rage on!
  19. Battle of the Sexes

    b/c women let them think they are Now spank me!
  20. Why aren't there very many black climbers?

    Muffy- having an opinion does not equal offended. For most things, i am just apathetic. You're posts are cute and all but your wild assumption about me isn't.
  21. Tim Eyman is evil

    Hey I was one of the parents scrambling I'm not even going to touch the subject of teacher salaries. It's a sore subject for me. I'm not a huge locke fan...please don't read that into my question. What i'm wondering is why can he disregard one initiative and be forced to accept another. We have no state income tax and thus I'm not opposed to licensing fees or property taxes. Our state budget is hosed. Wouldn't it be helpful to find a way to increase revenue? Why not ignore the initiative that desimated the budget and thus increase the state revenue? Ignore both of them fine. I guess what I'm really asking is how the gov. can ignore any initiative passed by the voters? What's the point of the initiative process then?
  22. Why aren't there very many black climbers?

    a) allison-Thanks for the warning. Problem is that I don't care if I get flamed for that one. Guess I'll have to suck it up and take it. (anyone got a fire-extinguisher handy?) Maybe I did come across more righteous than i meant to...oops! Guess we all have our petpeeve issues. b) Muffy- believe me I wasn't looking to be offended. I was offended after reading the remark. c) Trask-Lets see some stats. I'm not going to argue that the prison system has different demographics than society at as a whole. We could debate the reason for that. What percentage of the african-american population lives in poverty? I know it's higher than caucasions but I don't think it's the majority. As for the best friend analogy...the point i was trying to make is that it's not just one example. My view is based on experience w/a larger group than one. Hey my neighbor is a b!tch but that doesn't mean she does crack. (maybe she'd be nicer if she did!) d) pardon all those typos and punctuation errors. i haven't had my coffee yet!
  23. Freddy Meyer U-Scan versus regular human checkout

    I love the U-scan at QFC. I don't have to make pleasant chit-chat w/the cashier or wait in the endless lines! Never had a problem w/it.
  24. Why aren't there very many black climbers?

    I feel like i should respond to some of the confusion my comment caused ChrisT, I think it's great your algebra teacher took you guys to yosemite! At least some influential adult exposed you to it! Even camping in truckee counts as a start for loving the outdoors mtns or not! RobBob you have a point. I can't say that I'm truly offended by trasks b/c his comments don't affect me directly. It's a personally belief that when someone says something like that it should be called out. trask-it's a shame you can't see that the topic of the thread was a worthy discussion point. I can respect and intellectual difference of opinions but anytime someone reduces the argument to name-calling and insults based on some preconceived notion I'm going to call B.S. Fine you disagree but isn't there a better way for you to express that. Of my friends, acquaintenances, colleauges and neighbors who are black , non of them partakes in crack and none of them climb. If you're going to toss out a glaring offensive comment, don't act distraught when someone points it. Now you can kiss my lilly white arse. If you feel the need to insult me further take it to PM