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  1. Lost: MSR XGK EX

    call the park, they may have it. 360.569.2211
  2. Anyone beta on access to Mowich Lake

    I can only answer the first. The road yesterday was mostly bare about 3 miles above gate. snow depth in the campground ranged from 1 foot to maybe 2.5. Hope that helps, maybe the road will get opened before the end of the month.
  3. car shuttle for Ptarmigan?

    might try www.ashfordmountaincenter.com, they get you to mowich, but its real expensive!
  4. lib ridge photos

    photos of route in gallery FYI
  5. Observation Rock conditions?

    You can get up right now with little snow exposure and a short hike on dirt or for more of a funner/difficult way up, you could go up the north ice face of the rock. The ice/snow should be really bulletproof. but some friends and I top roped it last year and it was fun.
  6. Skiing/boarding on rainier

    I was just in Spray park. Talked to 2 skiiers said snow wasn't too bad today, But the clouds rolled in an so the visibility was poor down lower. Hope this helps.
  7. Itsupt Creek?

    the road is open to IPSUT
  8. I'd check again, it looked open today.
  9. climbing fees up at mt. rainer

    the fee is good from Jan 1 to Dec. 31. The $30 if for the season.
  10. Liberty Ridge info request

    An other to thing to consider is you will probably be coming in from WRCG because the isput road will be probably still be closed when you go.
  11. FS: Canon EOS Rebel-G SLR w/2 lenses

    Do you have any other lenses you want to sell? say a macro lense?
  12. Redstone Peak

    I haven't climbed it but according to the beckey book, and looking from Independence Ridge, it is minor rock scramble. The book concurs with what others have stated about the approach, which is from behind the ranger cabin the peak isn't too far of a climb. You can also access the trail to Redstone Peak from FS 74. You should be able to get a map from Enumclaw. This shortcut will make it about 2-3 miles from the car to the cabin and then to the peak from there. Sorry I don't about what type of rock it is.
  13. Skiis on emmons?

    The hut is locked up, so you will have to stay in a tent.