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  1. crank_sloper

    Mystery Photo

    tooth climbed leashless to mattp.
  2. crank_sloper

    Mystery Photo

    Here is some Washington Ice for you to guess.
  3. I heard you got a rash from the fish flavured drainage out of Weeping Gash.
  4. I was looking to get out and swing the ice tools, and after Slipstream, it left me wanting to do something a little more vertical and interesting. Access to the Coleman Glacier was heard to be quite easy, so I drove out to the Heliotrope TH and expected to run into a few other climbers from the cascadeclimbers.com bulletin board. However, I saw no one - no one at all. I headed up the trail alone, and after about 2 kilometers, you get to a "T" in the trail, and follow the left spur which takes you towards the Coleman Glacier. After crossing a few icy creeks on the trail, I got my first glimpse of the glacier. There were no parties on the glacier, so I headed down and looked for some extreme terrain that would get me to some good alpine ice soloing. I found a nice wall that I decided to solo. It was Extreme and Very Hard so I sent it leashless. The route was solid, and since it was north facing it never got any sun. After burning out my calves running laps on the inverted portion of the wall, I decided to scout out a little more into the glacier and let the wounded ice recover. I found a sweet south facing wall, and the ice was like Styrofoam, so Ignored it - too easy. It was quite easy, so I decided to scout even more. After scouting, I decided to solo a nice looking line that was north facing, so I cranked it leashless and did a smooth job of it except for dropping a tool. Shit! One tool left on a 45 degreee overhanging ice wall. How do I get down? I can't rappel? So I used both hands on one tool and floundered to the top, then started walking on a knife edge ridge of ice that had large crevasses on both sides, I placed no pro (having none) as I continued on the ridge until I could jump over it and then back down a small slope to where I downclimbed another slope onto a small ridge and then back down to my pack. I looked for my lost tool but it was gone forever into the icy blue depths. As the sun went behind the ridgeline of Heliotrope Ridge it got cold fast. As I left the glacier I noticed just how many other people were up there ice cragging - NONE!!! Solitude is a rare commodity. I was glad to have tested my limits Extreme Ice Cragging. Too bad about the lost tool but my sponsors will give me a new one.
  5. quote: Originally posted by BigWallBigBallsRocky: Boltmonster, sexual chocolate, officespace, whillans, panther, e_mohler, Bonzo, recriminator, Muir On saturday, c'mon out to the Battle Cage Im gonna do some serious ass whuppin! Stupid posts like this are why I do not visit this bulletin board much anymore.
  6. We should have a mass trespass in protest. get 1000 people to all show up at once without passes and make tool larry fill out all those tickets till he gets terminal writers cramp. then build a bonfire with those tickets.
  7. There is this really good finger crack on the side of the new Biology building...
  8. Like some famous climber dude once wrote, "Sometimes a lie is truer than what really happened."
  9. what is the buildering situation like in Lillawet?
  10. Tikkas are great for night buildering. Hide em under your hoody then just throw back the hood and jump on the wall when security isnt looking.
  11. Pulling on some crimpers on a stone wall last night and I split a tip real bad. Spurting blood and all. band aided it up today. Anybody know of ways to increase healing time? I heard you can slater it over with aloe gel or tea Tree Oil is also supposed to be good...? [ 11-30-2001: Message edited by: crank_sloper ]
  12. quote: Originally posted by jon: If your interested in DECREASING the healing time I would start with Neosporin and a good bandaid that doesn't allow anything in. The antibiotic is important to kill and bacteria that might be in the wound area. These bacteria release endotoxins which stimulate an immune response, and while your body is fighting these bacteria it is also making it hard for surrounding tissue to repair itself. There is also this stuff you can buy which is basically like a skin superglue which is useful for something like what you got. I'm a dork [ 11-30-2001: Message edited by: jon ] Thanks Jon!!
  13. quote: Originally posted by erik: man druk that was soooooo deep, you have now put me into a contemplative mood. i think i am going to sit on my tree stump the rest of the day and try to find enlightment wihtin the aspect of carrots and bunny rabbits. thanks man!! you wanna play some frisbee later? ITS CALLED A DISC NOT A FRISBEE!!!!!!!!!
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