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  1. quote: Originally posted by krazy 1: playing x-box games with me. Must...resist... losing power...arrrtghghgrghh
  2. i smell freshiez

    quote: Originally posted by gapertimmy: steped outside to piss on a tree, and the distinct scent of freshiez was fierce. FRESHIEZ COMETH [monty burns]...excellent...[/monty burns]
  3. Adventure Dating

    Wait, I don't get it. Random people, sex, booze, and being tied up in ropes...how is that any different from what any of us does on our own on the weekends? What? Did I say that out loud? Shiat..
  4. quote: Originally posted by Cpt.Caveman: Scrambling can be way fun. This past weekend some friends and found one of my favorite scrambles I have ever done. 3 eggs, a touch of hashish, a pinch of garlic, and some fresh HC? EDIT: Fixed quote dealies [ 09-27-2002, 01:14 PM: Message edited by: Cletus ]
  5. quote: Originally posted by Fence Sitter: cletus...my advice is for you to smoke and nice lil' fatty "j" and come back...chill.... Hey now, let's not confuse the issue any more than it needs to be! This dood is a 2%er. I, however, am a 50%er. Totally different guys.
  6. which sister?

    Iain, you sure on the mileage there from Green Lakes TH to the lakes? I thought it was less, more like 4.5ish, but seeing as how I'm a newbie in Bendover, and I've only been up there a couple times, I could be wrong. TLG: its a good recommendation though - Green Lakes/Todd Lake up towards BT is prolly one of the nicer "doggable" solid day hikes around here. South Sister is okay, but it's a screefest. Wait till you can climb up it and ski down it. Another hike you might consider is up into the Tarn MacArthur Rim. Nice stuff up there too, although prolly more mileage and definitely less elevation gain. If you get needy for maps and/or more specifics, you can prolly find gapertimmay or myself around here for a quick shove in the right direction. I may be gone for one of the two days this weekend in a futile effort to maintain my year-round skiing, but I'm sure we can help ya out if needed. (Don't you just love the way I volunteer Timmay without his knowledge? Heh) Have fun...
  7. moon over smiffy tuff

    Indeed sir, indeed! Fantastic, yet again. This is becoming a bad habit, this whole "get up early, go climbing, and show up at work at noon" thing. I love it. So yeah, a nice relaxed climb that topped out on nice rock in Smith, starting in the cool shade of 7am and climbing into the sun in the mid-morning! Leisurely drive back, some local-yokel quesadillas for lunch and a little ski porn on the VCR... Mmm...
  8. today was a good day

    quote: Originally posted by gapertimmy: <snip> shout to my homeboy cletus for a wonderful morning up at the crag. this morning we had smith rock state park to ourselves, it was rather magical </snip> Amen my brutha! Sorry I didn't notice this post before. Crack of dawn start produced one of the finest days of playing hooky I've had in a long time. Instead of going to work at 7 or 8am, we were climbing into the sunlight high up in Smith, with literally no one else in the entire park to be found. I got in to work at 11:30a with a huge shit-eating grin, which has remained with me through the weekend. I guess I could expound a little, but I think I'll save it for next time when we're gonna try to snap some sunrise pics from on the crag and post them... So Timmay, happy 'versary, and how about Tuesday morning? TO everyone else, go, be happy, get your groove on, climb something, ski something, get laid, high, whatever! In short, GET SOME! Woo-hoo!! cheers y'all Cletus
  9. PUB CLUB 9/20

    woo-hoo! when's the next one????
  10. Cellular Phone Service

    quote: Originally posted by bobinc: However, if you have EVER been in a situation where "just one phone call" could have saved a whole bunch of trouble and angst, you will see the usefulness of the damn things. My guess is that you haven't yet been there, Cletus. (Hope you will never be in that situation, but I'd like to see if you change your tune if you end up in such a fix.) Jeez, Bob, gotta get that prescription checked. I'm fine with having them for emergencies - go back and read my original posts.
  11. Cellular Phone Service

    quote: Originally posted by Mike Collins: Hey Cletus, you ARE preaching. In fact you are pontificating. Sorry. For once, I was trying not to. quote: Originally posted by Mike Collins: Don't use a phone if you don't want to. I don't. But don't you understand that you when you do, you take away something from my experience if I have to listen to you? All I guess I am saying is that most people spend time in the wilderness precisely to disconnect from the world. quote: Originally posted by Mike Collins: My wife likes to hear from me. I'm glad she does, and I'm glad you have her. Good for you, seriously. I think that is one of the most wonderful things in the world, don't you? But don't you suppose you could wait until you're back at the car at least? I dunno, it just seems odd to climb a mountain and then get on the phone. quote: Originally posted by Mike Collins: Maybe someday you will have a person who likes to hear from you. You can always hope. How do you know I don't? How do you know she doesn't climb with me? Anyway, I think this is an uncalled for cheap shot. If you want to slag and spray, fine, but be prepared to be shit upon in a big way. I was actually trying (for once ) to have a legit conversation, and have tried my best to maintain an unusually (for me) mature tone here. But, whatever. In, fact, actually, eat a dick. This is as clear cut to me as anything I know. Don't blab on your phone in the mountains unless you need to. If we're on a mountain somewhere, and I have to listen to you chatter about junior's bowel movements, I promise, there's gonna be a horrible accident involving the phone, the horsecock, and the summit snafflehounds. Edit: fixed quotey thingys, dialed back angry rhetoric. [ 09-16-2002, 08:46 PM: Message edited by: Cletus ]
  12. Cellular Phone Service

    quote: Originally posted by Thinker: The Father's Day climb I mentioned above went a little beyond what I like to do, but are you really going to tell your buddy's gf 'NO' when she asks if she can call her Dad? Yes. quote: Originally posted by Thinker: Besides, Baker is hardly wilderness when you can hear the snowmachines raging away a few hundred feet below the summit. So, their behavior makes it okay for us to do equally loud things? Or what, exactly, are you saying? I'm confused. Seems to be a pretty clear asthetic to me. Don't need to make a call (need as defined above in prior post), then don't. Don't mean to pick on ya Thinker, but this issue bothers me quite a lot. I mistakenly left my phone in my pack when I went out Smith just this Sat. Was pissed beyond belief when I realized it, particularly because the on button is very sensitive. I don't mean to preach, but c'mon, seriously, now. WTF are we doing talking on phones on the side of mountains and in the few remaining wild places of the world. Breaks my heart, that's all. -c-
  13. Cellular Phone Service

    First paragraph aside, I must say its nice when people make my point for me. If one truly subscribed to the cell-phone-usage-only-in-emergency asthetic, then one has to wonder how one would know that coverage is so bad on top of said mountains. One must have been in many emergency situations! This one doesn't really want to go climbing with those ones in that case. Compelled to do so? Why in God's name would one in one's right mind be compelled to call someone from the wilderness? Hey, I've got an idea! If one wants to stay in touch or convey certain sentiments on one's special days, one shouldn't be in the wilderness on those days, or should have conveyed said sentiments in advance. Again, emergencies/major delays that will lead to rescues/rescues notwithstanding. Just one man's voice, crying out into the ever marginalized and diminished wilds of the world. Incidentally, did you know that cell phones have been shown to cause interference with avie beacons? Just a tidbit of info there. No charge.
  14. Cellular Phone Service

    "Hello?" "Hi honey, it's me!" "Where are you?" "Oh, I'm on top of one of the most beautiful and stunning peaks in North America. After I get off the phone with you, I'm going to log on and check my email from my PDA, and make sure that my portfolio hasn't lost any value. I might also go surf StoneNudes.com while I'm at it." "Okay honey, well, thanks for thinking of me. Be careful in that scary remote wilderness." "Oh yes, dear, that's why I climb, to get away from it all."
  15. Cellular Phone Service

    Talk about fed up! Man, I can't fucking STAND it when I am out there in the serene, beautiful wilderness, miles from civilization, having just summitted a beauty peak, and I can't even get on my cell phone to call home and brag about it. I mean seriously, what is this world coming too? I can't believe that I can't get service on top of a remote mountain deep in the wilderness? WTF??
  16. Happy New Year

    Bwaa haaa haaaa this thread is cracking me up! I nearly got busted laughing out loud at work here. (They don't allow that. Laughing, I mean. Plus, I'm behind on my TPS reports.) by the way goddess, you missed the actual day. your initial post was a day or so after the new year. But who cares when we're talking about sex every friday!! oh yeah, about that, first of all, I think you're told to HAVE sex every sabbath, not celebrate it. I mean, honestly, who celebrates sex? Hey, let's throw a party for sex? (Not that its not worth celebrating, of course, but...I would just as soon get good-night laid, thanks very much!) I also vaguely seem to remember that the whole friday night nookie session is only encouraged with your spouse, but I could be wrong there. You want to come over and discuss in person? We can do it in a closet if you like. Or did I read that wrong? Dwayner, that's pretty funny stuff there...
  17. M.P.O.T.D (Not Totally Work Safe!)

    For future reference: MPOTD = Mountain Porn Of The Day NWS = Not work safe: may contain nudity or other images that shouldn't be seen by The Man. So, today's MPOTD comes from Crackbolter's request on yesterday's MPOTD thread... quote: Originally posted by Crackbolter: This isn't porn. Show me some beautiful naked girls bouldering in various erotic positions. That's porn. Here you are, son: From StoneNudes.com They have calenders, posters, and more. And ladies, never fear, they have a men's calender as well! I'll leave the rest of the galleries for you to explore on your own... Happy hunting! Cletus
  18. M.P.O.T.D (Not Totally Work Safe!)

    Yeah, I guess this was spray, huh? Well, here's another doozy... This guy is hauling!
  19. M.P.O.T.D (Not Totally Work Safe!)

    quote: Originally posted by jkrueger: Didn't Gaper-T give you the manual when you paid for your subscription? In addition to covering how to avoid making novice mistakes like reposting old content and double-posting, there is a good dictionary covering buzz-words like snafflehound, gaper, and freshiez. There is also a fun quiz in the back called Guess the Avatars - if you get a perfect score you win a year's supply horsecock and a puppy porn calendar![/QB] Who needs a puppy porn calender when I can just go over and watch Sierra? And don't worry, I did a 5.16c independent study on HC, cougars, and snafflehounds. As for freshies, here ya go, a little more MPOTD: awww yeah...
  20. M.P.O.T.D (Not Totally Work Safe!)

    Frickin novistry. Double post. [ 09-12-2002, 10:58 AM: Message edited by: Cletus ]
  21. M.P.O.T.D (Not Totally Work Safe!)

    hmmm, sorry sk. Thought I'd checked to make sure it hadn't already been posted. Must have missed that thread. Frikken newbie. Well, lemme go find timmay and my camera and we'll get you something. Actually, I have a stellar strip sequence of "a friend" (uh, yeah, that's it) taken on Mt. Bachelor on a dare, but there is no way in a million FUCKING years that I would ever post it. Ha ha. What a tease, eh? Hmm...Well, not a very fun MPOTD. Tomorrow will be better, I guess. Oh well.
  22. Mountain Porn of the Day

    Holieeeee shiaaaaat! Look what happens when I leave you people alone for an afternoon. Out of control. Anyway, who was it that asked for naked chicks bouldering? As it turns out, there was, at one point, a nekked bouldering calender - one of chicas and one of hombres. I'll see if I can find it/them - the pics are pretty funny... That'll be tomorrows porn/money shots... Oh the anticipation.
  23. Server Errors

    Server errors? Well, this one time, I ordered Fettucine Carbonara, and got Chimichangas de Pollo instead. I mean, c'mon, that's not even close. China isn't ANYWHERE near Denmark! Honestly, what was he thinking? EDIT: Can't spel gud [ 09-11-2002, 10:25 AM: Message edited by: Cletus ]