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  1. mutha feggin freshiez!

    STOP IT! Those pics are driving me nuts. I didn't do any skiing last year and I'm starting to flip out at work with all this talk of freshiez. I might just quit and head over to Whitefish right now...
  2. I am in the bottom 2% of big butt enthusiasts. (I guess I might as well have fun at my expense too)
  3. I fear that I am a little too far to the right to work for them. I guess I'm addicted to message boards.
  4. thats alot of spray

    I see DFA is a ninja with leetspeak.
  5. thats alot of spray

    Here, like this. 1 @/\/\ 31337 <|1/\/\b3r |)0o|). @|_|_ \/\/1|_|_ p|-|3@r /\/\y |_|b3r 50|_0 5|<1|_|_z. I am elite climber dude. All will fear my uber solo skills. It sucks, that's why it's funny to us (IT guys). Little hacker kids use that shit all the time. [ 09-27-2002, 02:47 PM: Message edited by: Cleophus ]
  6. thats alot of spray

    No problem. In my work we sort of use that stuff as jokes. We don't actually talk that way.
  7. thats alot of spray

    You mean 31337 [eleet]. It means "elite" in internet uber-geek speak. It's like H@><><0r. That means hacker. The sad thing is after you see it enough you can read it just fine.
  8. What the hell? Who is this Rap dude?
  9. I'm sure some, no alot of them could. It isn't about being better either. I said "go farther". More training, more gear, etc. That's all I'm saying. Drop the "better" idea.
  10. Okay. I guess I haven't been clear enough. My motivation is NOT to be in the "top 2%" My question is do you find that by enjoying personal challenge you end up going farther in your endeavors than 9 out of 10? I don't do things to be better than anyone else. I do them to be better than I was yesterday OR because I enjoy them. I find that when I enjoy them, I really latch on to it and get involved. I already stated that I don't plan to be in the top 2% of climbers. Just go farther than 9 out of 10 (again these are numbers that illustrate a point) outdoor enthusiasts. I don't know if I can explain it any better. It always seemed to me that the climbers I knew were people that enjoyed self challenge. All I am asking is "Do you find that enjoyment of self challenge in other parts of your life?". Forget it. Jesus. I also don't think that saying "I'm a damn good diver is chest beating". It wasn't meant to impress, I know lots of them. I already said I know there are many more out there that are better than I. I don't see the problem in recognizing your own aptitude at something. You know it's ok to say you are good at something if you are. I wouldn't have even brought it up if it wasn't in an effort to aid in defining my question which clearly needed more definition. I don't mind the trash talk, but seriously, I wasn't trying to "beat my chest". I was just talking about it. I suppose this sport lends itsef to more annoying chest beaters than most and that's probably why I got smacked. I'm sorry, that wasn't my intent. From now on, it's pure trash talk and questions from me for awhile.
  11. Yup. Only it was 2 weekends ago. I haven't taken any material from SP. Those guys are lame anyhow
  12. I am not a n00b when it comes to forums though. Just climbing boards.
  13. Nah. I much prefer the Mac and Jack's African Amber in my kegerator. Stuck here at work though, it might be awhile before I get one. I'm not riled yet anyway.