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  1. Are you in Mammaries yet? Or still in Bendover? Do childish jokes about boobs or buttholes ever really get old? (Now there's a couple questions for you Cobra!) Hello from CO you crazy cascade peeps! I do miss OR and Cascade corn season, but all is generally well over here, if a bit more crowded. Hope all is well...KIR dooods and dudettes.
  2. Sorry to crosspost, and sorry I haven't been around much lately after my move out of the PacNW, but I'll be back to spray in the not too distant future. For now, please read here Thanks, Cletus
  3. we did Orizaba pretty quickly, I guess day 6 of the trip, but it's only only a 2 day climb. Was living at 5k at the time. Flew in and slept one night in D.F. at 8k or so, then traveled to Malinche as well for a day hike. Then to Reyes, and had one night there (10k?). Up to the hut and pitched a tent nearby, 14k. Half day to 16k, bit of a nap, then summit and back down to town the next day. Didn't hurt at all. Nice peak.
  4. I ride these with alpine binders on em, and I absolutely love them. They're so light, I am thinking of throwing some Freerides on em and making em my next AT setup when I slay the current rig. Do it, you won;t be sorry. FYI: 5'10" 175-180lbs -> 183cm
  5. what a funny little thread boy, haven't been around here in a while personal preference ok, but I grew up in Boulder, and lived in Bend for the last odd years, and I gotta say, I love Boulder, always will, but dood, you're delusional. Bend - better snowpack, better backcountry, ZERO traffic and lines at the mountain, and more bottomless days. Yeah, sure, it don't have the CU hotties around, but 6 inches at Bachy is thick enough to float ya; 6 inches of dust on crust in CO isn't shit. And facking forget the 3 hour drive on I-70 on a weekend afternoon. When I lived in Bend, I used to go ski before work because Bachy was only 25 mins up the road. Sure as shit can't do that in Boulder. Admittedly, the climbing is a lot better. But even then, smiffytufftuff has a special place in my heart. Oh and steepy (whassup A!), Bachy aint big mountain in the slightest. Now, go across the street to BT, and you can scare yourself all you want! peace yo, OBC (original bend crew?) reprasent!
  6. haaaaaaaaaaaaa, those shots were so not nasty. Yummmmmmmm, jager!!!! Mmmmmmm
  7. haa, that was some fun shite! Good drinking team that night!
  8. Okay, I'll throw the bone a dog. Try South Sister, more South Sister, Broken Top, and not to be missed, the Bunny Col.
  9. No, I love the setup. Love it. But I now have a fatter softer setup for pow days, which means these get used only in variable b/c days, for longer tours, and while climbing volcanos in the spring...and if that's their new purpose for me, I'd rather have slightly less ski. Actually, what I'd really like to do is sell these off and put together the exact same setup again, only at the 177cm length. I would keep the Freerides and just work on getting the 177cm R.EXs, but then someone has to drill another set of holes in these 10.EXs, and I'd just as soon try to find someone who wants the setup as a package, for their own good. But yeah, rockin setup. I just want it a little smaller. Anyway, re: boot size: I'm a 10 street shoe, about 27.0 in AT boots, 310 mm Denalis. Alpine boots are Nordicas, 27.5 shell, 315mm. Euro that's like 42.5 or so, I think. So yeah, that conversion above is a bit off. Somebody buy my skis!
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