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  1. Eloping to California

    You're contradicting yourself. Is it a choice, or not? Are you saying homosexuals have a choice, but heterosexuals do not? Doesn't that imply that, given a choice, 100% of people choose to become homosexual? Does that make sense? I think not. Regarding your "99.999%" figure -- I take it you interviewed 100,000 gay people and 99,999 of them told you they made a conscious choice to become gay? Riiiiight. In fact, have you ever talked to a single gay person who told you this?
  2. Can't get much closer to a draft than this

    Because peace is unpatriotic, right?
  3. Petzl "snowscopic axe"

    Anyone have an opinion on this? Seems like it might help address concerns of pick durability and sturdiness re: other axe/pole hybrids like the BD Whippet. Less comfortable to use as a pole, though, due to the lack of a contoured handle...I wonder if you could glue one on to the shaft below the head? http://www.backcountrystore.com/store/PTZ0061.html?AFC=CJDataFeed
  4. WTF??

    "Better to be dead and cool than alive and uncool."
  5. Come on, guys! How about a little optimism? Freezing levels at 2000ft from tonight through Saturday, dropping to 1000ft on Sunday. All we need is a little precipitation! Come on, weather, you can do it! -Josh
  6. Hi all, Given the weather forecast, I'm considering skipping work tomorrow morning to find some freshies. However, I can't go too far due to time considerations, so I'm looking for something near Snoqualmie Pass. Anyone know of some nice heather / grass slopes that don't require too much of a hike? Kendall Peak, maybe? I suppose I could always just ski the lift-served area right off the freeway -- wheee! Thanks! -Josh
  7. Serious toothpaste question...

    You sound like one of those people who says "Coke sucks, drink Pepsi!" when in fact they both taste like cat pee (I imagine ). You guys are supposed to be alpine hardmen, right? You should just use baking soda, or better yet, sand. -Josh
  8. Half bags

    Here's an alternative to consider: instead of the half-bag, get a pair of insulated pants (e.g. GoLite "Full Moon" pants) and a pair of down booties. That makes it easier to get up and move around (prepare breakfast, etc.) in the early morning w/o freezing your ass off. -Josh
  9. F.R.N.S.A.O.B.P.E.R.D.

    ARRRRR...oh wait, wrong thread.
  10. Religon

    Well, I have to admit I have no idea what's being taught in your kids' school, and perhaps in light of that, my off-the-cuff remark about you being a "wacko" was a little harsh. However, I do think that the tenets of environmental conservation have firm scientific roots. If your position is that teachers should not attempt to instill any morals or ethics in their students, I can't disagree with you. However, if you're picking on environmentalism in particular because you think it's more religion than science, I think you're off base. -Josh
  11. Religon

    Fejas (and DFA), I don't understand why you think I'm being closed-minded. What I posted was based on my own observation of the words & actions of religious groups and of the scientific community. Is there any one of my points in particular that you think is untrue? -Josh
  12. Religon

    Science is not a religion. Religion is based on dogma; science is based on reality and the observation thereof. Religion resists change; science is constantly changing as we learn more about reality and adjust our theories to better represent it. Religion depends on faith (i.e., believing something for no good reason); science encourages skepticism, experimentation, and open-mindedness. Religion seeks to impose moral judgements on behavior and beliefs; science seeks to expose useful information about the world we live in. Any questions? -Josh
  13. Religon

    Uh-oh...you're not one of those "science is a religion" wackos, are you? Next you'll be telling us the Earth is flat. -Josh
  14. I decided to go ahead and get the Schoeller pants. For $50, it was too hard to resist. Thanks for all the input. -Josh
  15. What is it about the Schoeller pants (that nylon wind pants lack) that makes them "awesome"? Is it just the durability, or something more? -Josh